Paris The Grand Palace museum will be closing 3 years of construction at a cost of 436 million euros luonv

Paris The Grand Palace museum will be closing 3 years of construction at a cost of 436 million euros in France, The Grand Palace Museum in Paris (Le Grand Palais) will be held from 2020 to 2023. Construction of a huge project, costing 436 million euros. The Grand Palace in Paris, it is also facing the museum closed construction brought hitherto unknown challenge. Paris The Grand Palace round glass roof JDD French newspaper reporter Martini · Robert (Martine Robert) reported that the Paris The Grand Palace museum curator female Silewei · Hubak (Sylvie HUBAC) of the arduous task. In the event of terrorist attacks in Paris, the The Grand Palace exhibition operation in the first half of this year’s turnover is disappointing, visitor numbers dropped, which is not only affected by the visitors, but also affect the 36 books and the souvenir shop museum management business, 2015 turnover dropped by half, to 113 million 500 thousand euros. The second half of the exhibition program arrangement has been further explained: "make a new start, Hubak exhibition project is the decisive factor, we accounted for 1/4 of turnover." After the opening of the school in September, relying on the exhibition project, business and strong start until the end of October, attracted 95000 visitors. Under the privatization of the exhibition, visitors were more than five times more than expected, and the "Mexique 1900-1950" exhibition has attracted more than 47000 visitors. From mid December onwards, a new experience that began, The Grand Palace will have 3D technology heritage startups Iconem, in cooperation with the Louvre, Google group and, after the war by the death to preserve the heritage sites, such as the war-torn northeast Syria and ancient cultural relics Milwaukee (Palmyre) established 3D files. Then, in 2017, the The Grand Palace will feature Luo Dan, Gauguin and Erwin? Payne (Irving Penne) and other famous works, its advertising will be very beautiful. The Grand Palace National Museum occupies an important position in the process of the main constellation. The Paris The Grand Palace boss to echo said, she also tried to export these exhibition projects, such as: a Monet exhibition in Hongkong, held in the Modigliani exhibition in Helsinki, Kazakhstan Robots. At the same time, The Grand Palace also exports its culture of business intelligence, such as in Abu Dhabi Future Louvre shop, set up in Hongkong and the creation of the museum. A modern bookstore shop in the face of strong competitors, the Braun Museum of business online museum store Xinxin hero Arteum attack, the French modern bookstore shop will constitute another priority, director Hubak said, the Louvre and the Versailles Castle these stores are completely bookstore thinking. She is familiar to say: "this Thursday, opened a stronghold in Lafayette, December will be in the duty-free shop Huo Rothman avenue to set up another stronghold. And I’m special相关的主题文章: