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Five Essential Steps For Migrating Sharepoint To The Cloud Posted By: Etisbew Corp SharePoint Migration SharePoint Migration Services SharePoint Migration Design Tips For Sharepoint 2013 Apps On Tablets Posted By: Srikrishna Das The discussion on the tips for designing for the SharePoint 2013 Apps on tablets should essentially begin with the concept of minimal viable product. The idea is to enhance the user experience with Office 365 and Microsoft Office. Enterprises seem to be on the lookout for continuously updating the products to gain a strong competitive advantage and engaging in viable business in Office 365. With the increase in the number of mobile devices and tablet users, it has become necessary for the SP 2013 apps to stay accessible as well as work effectively on these devices. Here is a list of tips on designing excellent SP apps for the tablets. Always Go For Responsive Design Whenever it comes to designing SP 2013 applications for tablets, a responsive design is a prerequisite. Now, for those working on a publishing site or planning to render it with a great look and feel, a responsive web design is must. Now, for those not using a custom master page as a basis for compatibility with other apps, a responsive design might not appear to be that suitable.sharepoint services india sharepoint site branding experts Sharepoint Migration Services sharepoint bespoke development offshore sharepoint develo sharepoint services india Gartner Calls Sharepoint An ‘evolutionary Dead End’ That ‘no One Likes Using’ Posted By: Srikrishna Das As per the views of Jeffrey Mann, a Gartner analyst, Microsoft should soon do away with SharePoint and companies that are largely dependent on the platform should actually consider a more cloud-based future. The Gartner analyst also said that though a majority of the companies make use of SharePoint, they do not quite like it. SP is also less functional and less useful in many respects. Moreover, it does not facilitate smooth content migration and requires greater amount of online management. With SharePoint being customized in most organizations, it also appears to be excessively big and complex. Certain businesses are also making use of older versions of this web application development platform. With regards to the question of whether to move to cloud or move out of it, Mann says that Microsoft should essentially move SP to the cloud by means of killing its current form. The enterprise social networking platform, on the other hand, comes up as a hope for Microsoft, as both of these compliment each other in multiple ways. SP, on becoming more cloud- based, will have a strong influence by companies in sharepoint sharepoint development services sharepoint development companies sharepoint cms customization sharepoint development c top companies in sharepoint Sharepoint Migration Using 3rd Party Tools Posted By: Steve Nellon Currently in SharePoint, content migration is achieved using third party tools. Leveraging third party solutions simplifies the procedure along with reducing the effort or time needed for the process. It also cuts down on the cases of failed migrations arising out of issues such as file corruption. Analysis has revealed that clients spend good amount of time preparing data for migration, and these efforts may not yield fruit in case the policies and procedures are not adhered to. Owing to such risks, clients prefer using third-party ISVs or independent software vendors for migrating content from on-premises SP into the hosted service. Let us check out the following third party tools that facilitate migration or consolidation of content. AvePoint: A recognized leader in rendering infrastructure management solutions for Microsoft SP, AvePoint is a cost-effective and efficient solution for migrating business-critical content from diverse electronic repositories to Microsoft SP. The following are a few of the different DocAve Migrator modules: Content can be automatically moved from source SharePoint 2003 or 2007 into the mapped elements within SP 2007 or 2010 by SharePoint Migrator.Sharepoint Migration Services custom sharepoint development sharepoint cms india hire sharepoint developers sharepoint site migration hire sharep Sharepoint Migration Services Introducing Mvc Support For Apps For Sharepoint Posted By: Srikrishna Das SharePoint, which has already established itself as one of the most popular and preferred web application development platforms, works more effectively when incorporated with certain apps. Apps are those powerful website applications that add to the effectiveness of the platforms. These days, the ASP.NET.MVC has become a preferred mode of project application. ASP.NET.MVC offers web developers with several advantages. To begin with, it comes up with a really pattern- based and powerful platform that allows easy building of dynamic websites. These websites, in turn, pave the way for separating different aspects such as that of the view, model and controller of the app. At the same time, the app provides full control over markup to offer a good experience of development. SharePoint portal development with MVC as a remote project requires one to follow a two-step process. Firstly, this particular sort of project development needs to be created and secondly, one has to engage in what can be considered as the ‘app-etizing’ of the concerned web project. This is done with the purpose of adding an application for SharePoint.Sharepoint Migration Services sharepoint porting sharepoint services india sharepoint 2013 mobile development hire sharepoint developers top comp Sharepoint Migration Services Compatibility Report Of Sharepoint 2013 And Html5 Posted By: Steve Nellon SharePoint 2013, which is the newest version of this web application development platform, comes with a number of beneficial features, out of which, compatibility is definitely a major one. However, before you go into the compatibility of this new improved platform and HTML5, let us have a look at the prominent features of the same. SharePoint 2013 and its Features To begin with, the platform facilitates enhanced user experinece by means of remarkable design as well as increased templates and layout capability. Additionally, fast search, improved work flow, e- discovery tools along with office web apps are also offered by SharePoint 2013. It is for this reason that business enterprises have an increased preference for upgrading from SharePoint 2010 version to the latest one. However, the infrastructure procurements must be considered when it comes to enterprise upgrades. HTML5 and its attributes HTML5, on the other hand, has made the developer’s work easy primarily by virtue of its host of semantic features. This highly improved version of the Markup language offers several other tools as well as elements such as newer media as well as structural elements, attributes, form types, link relation types as well as the semantics for internationalization.sharepoint enterprise content management sharepoint infopath development services sharepoint migration experts india sharepoint migration services sharepoint enterprise content management 7 Apps That Bring Sharepoint To The Ipad Posted By: Steve Nellon The need for the right applications is immense when it comes to catering to the vast range of mobile users. People making use of iPad and iPhones need to access SharePoint content too and it is for this reason that it becomes essential to bring SharePoint to the iPad. The unconventional applications are often found working effectively for the purpose. Now, quite a lot of options are available for making Microsoft SharePoint accessible on the device. The traditional iPad browser paves the way for a somewhat satisfactory experience. Several factors need to be considered in this regard. For instance, content editable attribute is supported by the desktop version of Safari while such facility is not made available by the Safari on the iPhone OS. This attribute is used by the application development platform and other collaboration products such as that of the Office Web Apps. This ensures a rich editing experience within a supported browser. On the other hand, offline support and a richer experience is facilitated by certain apps that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store.sharepoint development services sharepoint migration experts india sharepoint migration services sharepoint portal development sharepoint porting sharepoint development services Steps For Sharepoint And Php Integration Posted By: Steve Nellon sharepoint development india sharepoint development services sharepoint migration experts india sharepoint migration services sharepoint portal dev sharepoint development india sharepoint development services 3 Major Deployment Challenges In Sharepoint Posted By: Steve Nellon In the recent times, there has been a tremendous rise in the Enterprise adoption of SharePoint. A survey conducted by Global 360, an organization dealing in document management, has found out that among the 886 respondents, 90% make use of SharePoint, wherein, SharePoint 2010 is being used by 8%. Strikingly, 67% of the SharePoint users extend it across the enterprise, implying that SharePoint is not limited to the IT department but can render support to the other departments too. Study also reveals that SharePoint webparts development is on the rise. The survey also brings to light the manner in which SharePoint is used by organizations. It mainly gets started in the form of a content repository and then transforms into a more dynamic component. It is seen that 67% of SharePoint users have extended it for document workflow management while 66% have used SharePoint for web content and portal management. Again, 56% of the respondents have leveraged SharePoint for rendering support to business processes. 27% of the organizations which were surveyed are of the opinion that more than fifty percent of the documents that are stored within SharePoint are utilized for supporting vital aspects of business.hire sharepoint developers sharepoint development company sharepoint site branding experts Sharepoint Migration Services sharepoint development co hire sharepoint developers Sharepoint – Ultimate Enterprise Apps Creation Platform Posted By: Steve Nellon sharepoint cms customization sharepoint development india sharepoint cms customization

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