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Travel-and-Leisure Earth laughs in flowers said Ralph Waldo Emerson and if you wish to listen to earth"s sweetest giggle, you have to visit the Valley of Flowers. Nestled in the bosom of the hills of Garhwal in Uttarakhand, the valley is a fairytale .e alive. Reaching Valley of Flowers A world heritage site and part of the Nanda Devi National park, the Valley of flowers is about 24 kms from Govindghat. Sturdy motorable national highway No 58 connects Govind Ghat to major cities of Uttarakhand i.e Haridwar, Rishikesh, Rudraprayag, Karnaprayag, Ukhimath Srinagar, Chamoli, Pauri etc. The Valley of Flowers unfolds its beauty only to the dedicated nature enthusiasts as travelling to valley is certainly not a cozy and .fortable experience. A 13 kilometer arduous but exhilarating trek from Govindghat to Ghangria, the base camp where you will find ac.modation, will take almost 6 hours. Though it"s a difficult trek, it will awaken all your senses with striking scenery, chirping of birds and the lilting symphony of flowing waters from small brooks, waterfalls and the swiftly flowing Laxman Ganga. You can also hire porters and mules for this trek. The Valley of Flowers is a further 3 kilometers from Ghangaria.And after the exhausting trek, the Valley of Flowers lifts its veil to give a glimpse into its unsurpassable beauty. Never ending blossoms in a cornucopia of exotic Cobra Lilies, violet Primulas, buttery-yellow marsh Marigolds, Edelweiss, Himalayan blue Poppies, pale pink Balsams, Geraniums and the famed Brahma Kamals almost choke you with their beauty. The Valley is home to about 500 species of flowers. The astounding, spectacular, stunning, startling beauty all around will baffle you. Even if all the superlatives in the dictionary are put together, they cannot even begin to describe the exquisiteness of this place. Best time to visit The Valley of Flowers is open for tourists from June to September. For the rest of the year, it snows in the valley making it inhospitable. If you wish to experience the Valley at its finest, then mid July to mid August is the time to go when the flowers blossom in all their splendor, kissed by the virgin showers. After mid August, the flowers slowly start wilting and the verdant greens turn to pale yellow. The weather in the day time is pleasant during these months but the nights and early morning hours are quite cold. Ac.modation There are a few hotels at Ghangariya and also a GMVN tourist Bungalow. The hotels are not plush but will provide basic amenities. Things to expect: 1. Mobile connectivity is poor. 2. Clean toilets are hard to .e by. 3. Electricity is almost an otherworldly .modity. 4. Hot water in hotels in rationed. 5. You need to be in pink of health to undertake this strenuous trip. 6. Landslides may happen. 7. Being punctual to your itinerary is essential as after dark you can face many difficulties. 8. Carrying woolens and umbrella/raincoat is advisable. The Koran says Bread feeds the body, but flowers feed also the soul. Hence, a trip to Valley of Flowers is sure to wash away the mire over your tired, drained, weary souls. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: