Land expropriation disputes cited Beijing Daxing court court accepted the divorce case of dou tamiflu

Land expropriation disputes cited   Beijing Daxing court court accepted the divorce case of double – Yufa real estate — original title: land acquisition disputes cited the increase in the divorce case of Beijing’s new airport construction project is located in the Daxing District district court court Yufa is a national key project, at present, the issue of resettlement work has been completed on schedule. Daxing court found that in the face of great interest has been acquired or anticipated demolition, resettlement of family members of estrangement and contradictions prominent initiated by land expropriation, divorce case, household division inheritance case number increasing. According to statistics, from September 1, 2015 to August 31st this year, Daxing Yufa court court received a total of 207 divorce cases, 150 cases of household division and inheritance cases, 68 pieces of property after divorce cases 33, these 4 kinds of cases accounted for nearly 37% of the total number of cases. But in the past, from September 1, 2010 to August 31, 2011, Yufa court received a total of 101 divorce cases, 48 cases of household division and inheritance cases 42, 15 cases of property after divorce. Compared with the past, the court accepted the case of divorce Yufa number increased by 105%, the number of cases of household division increased by 212.5%, the number of cases increased by 61.9%, the inheritance of property after divorce case number increased by 120%. In dealing with the complexity of the case, the number of mediation sharply reduced. For the new airport relocation and disputes involving multiple household division cases, from September 1, 2015 to August 31st this year, the court mediation closed 32, closed 16; compared with the previous period, the number of court judgments increased by 166.67%, the number of mediation is reduced by 44.83%. Overall, since last year, the construction of the new airport housing levy work carried out, due to the relocation of the new airport family disputes caused by the case, the difficulty of hearing a sharp increase." According to statistics in Daxing court, because of the new airport relocation caused family disputes, part of the performance in one of the spouses (mainly female) and other family after the divorce disputes in the rural housing demolition or benefit; a part in the family of the brothers and sisters for elderly inheritance heritage or the demolition interests are contradictory; a part on the surface of a contradiction between the parents and children, but parents still rely on the contradiction behind children with other brothers and sisters. According to the judge, in such cases, the most important point of conflict with the right to use the homestead and rural housing ownership acquisition, use, transfer associated. Family members often do not have the right to dispute the pre judgment consciousness, when the common property into a huge demolition interests and need to be distributed among family members, often differences between the members. In addition, this kind of case mediation very difficult, because the parties face enormous interests under dispute, mutual concessions, often "Ning sentenced to no tune, it is very difficult for the court mediation, the judgment of the way to closing more common. The fact that the case is difficult to identify, according to the judge, because the new airport involved in the case of the family generally involves rural housing and homestead rights, the parties tend to相关的主题文章: