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Hong Kong media: two children caused by sperm bank in Henan is not limited in height sperm – Sohu News Reference News Network November 15th Hong Kong media reported that the qualified rate in recent years and the number of sperm donors are greatly reduced, human sperm bank sperm bank in Henan Province recently issued news. The authorities in order to encourage men to donate sperm successfully will receive 5000 yuan (RMB) for other inducements, quietly canceled previous donors for height and degree requirements. According to Hongkong "Oriental Daily" website reported on November 15th, Henan province human sperm bank official, last year, the mainland media interview said, donors need to more than seven meters tall, technical secondary school or above, at the age of 22 to 45 year old mainland citizens, non communicable diseases, genetic diseases and major diseases, no smoking and alcohol bad habits, physical examination qualified may voluntarily donate. But recently on the donor requirements, no longer mention height and the two degree. Henan Province in 2014, donors have more than 5 thousand and 400 people, last year and this year donors than in 2014 fell by almost half this year, where the average qualified rate was 19.68%. Because the donor decreased opening of the mainland after two children to donate sperm demand surge, the authorities introduced preferential policies, including the successful donor will receive 5000 yuan subsidy, free storage semen for 30 years, but also for reproductive function, infectious disease and genetic disease in three major free inspection and so on.相关的主题文章: