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Computers-and-Technology The IASSC certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt authenticates your capabilities to achieve and satisfies high quality of professionalism that is demanded from its certified professionals. The Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification not only provides an insight to its techniques, but also its metrics and the basic developed methodologies for enhancement in production and to meet better customer expectation. The Yellow Belt cannot be supposed to lead an independent project even it has the knowledge of Six Sigma, yellow belt is also used for development of process maps in support for Six Sigma Projects. The SME on one or more projects are responsible for running smaller improvement projects using PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) approach. The PDCA help in identifying processes that needs to be improved, these small belt projects often get raised to the Green Belt or Black belt level. Then the DMAIC approach is taken to increase cost saving by using Statistical Process Control. The ICYB course trains the candidates in providing in hand knowledge in management and basic tools of Six Sigma. The candidates will have a stronger understanding of the procedures in allowing each individual in achieving the overall organizations objectives. The IASSC Certified course expands the effectiveness of its candidates, their daily work place accomplishments like quality improvement, less time wasted etc. The people who have attempted the Six Sigma Yellow Belt training have the opportunity to learn to gather data, tactics in problem solving and assist in exploration process. After taking the test they have gained skills to identify, monitor and control practices that reduce the profit. They could also provide the above mentioned information to the Black Belt and Green Belts that work on much bigger projects. Requirements for attaining the Yellow Belt certification: The IASSC Certified Lean Six Sigma candidates are supposed to complete their course in a span of 1 year, and should settle the balances in full before completion of the certification. Candidates are required to have Yellow Belt: already passed 5 online exams with an average of 70% or higher Green Belt: Already passed 8 online exams with 70% or higher Lean & DFSS: Passed 9 exams with a 70% or above Black Belt: Cleared 15 online exams with a 70% and above and also complete the Black Belt Project. Master Black Belt: Cleared the Black Belt securing 90% or above, and submitted at least 2 black belt projects. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: