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College-University The Indira Gandhi National Open University or IGNOU is internationally recognized for its distance learning program especially for those people who wish to study as well as work. It provides quality education and, with their innovative technologies and methodologies, focuses on cost-effective education to people of all age groups. Various courses are offered for people here to increase their job potential and some of the courses include disaster management, human rights, tourism, women empowerment, consumer protection, participatory planning, food and nutrition, nursing, health and education, .puters, information sciences and many others. This university offers diverse courses for the ignou students and these can be done online without the need to attend regular classes in a short period of time. The eligibility criterion for doing masters degree for ignou students is only 55%. The M.A Journalism has been designed in such a way for the ignou students that they can later on join newspaper and television channels for job. IGNOU was created in the year 1985 and has lengthened the education market to a wider zone making it accessible for students all over the world to avail its benefits. The ignou students here at the university are encouraged to take part in international and national conferences which are very valuable in their research work. IGNOU Papers are available easily for the students which makes it easier to understand the course material. It makes learning easier and simpler from the .fort of their home. The ignou papers can be downloaded from the website and can be obtained in Hindi and English. With the advancement of technology obtaining papers has turned out to be a cakewalk. The ignou papers are available free and for all courses and programs. This has be.e very beneficial for the students. The ignou question papers aid in knowing the exam prototype and internet is the right place where one can find even previous ignou question papers that are solved. But all this can be attained with a little bit of research and not only IGNOU Question papers even IAS Exam papers and UPSC exam papers can be obtained from a website that has trouble-free routing features. This university is the best university for distance education which is recognized and offers various courses that are favorable to one and all. This university follows a simple and unique method of education which involves examinations in the first semester and assignments in the second semester. It is flexible in terms of place and duration of the course and courses ranging from bachelors degree to PH. D degree can be done here. Neeraj publications has been providing the books to the ignou students for 30 years now and one of the innovative ventures that Neeraj publications has started is the helpline for students pursuing education at ignou. This website offers guidance to the students and is absolutely free of cost. Even housewives can continue their studies by joining this prestigious university and .plete through a correspondence course from the .fort of their home in a short span of time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: