Zaker Shenyang on the line, a wave of welfare to! Fan speed to grab!

ZAKER Shenyang on the line, a wave of welfare to! Fan speed to grab! Liaoshen Evening News · ZAKER Shenyang, November 14th officially launched! In response to the new and old fans, we decided…… We decided to give everyone, hair! Blessing! Lee! ZAKER Shenyang launched a wave of welfare come grab Hao Li first wave: ZAKER Shenyang grab 1088 yuan baby calendar ZAKER Shenyang officially launched! In order to repay the buddies on ZAKER support in Shenyang, Shenyang and Wang are ZAKER pictures International Children Photography Agency jointly launched the "for your baby, send free photo calendar". During the event you only need to login ZAKER platform for Shenyang to grab one, will get you home baby free photo send calendar opportunity. A limited number of first reported first, the hand will not slow ah! Small partners are still waiting for?! Gogogo…… [method] landing ZAKER Shenyang grab ticket page, fill in the relevant information, submit the registration that registration success. According to the registration order, select the top 100 winners, after the registration of the winners will be published in the "ZAKER Shenyang" chat Liao channel, please timely attention. At the same time, Wang is pictures staff will phone to make an appointment with your shooting). [range] 0-6 years old baby, this event is limited to Wang Zhengfei member participation. [2017] activities installed a baby annuity calendar theme of film costumes two groups can provide free family photo once (dress owned) multi angle composition photo collection 40-60 Zhang (copyright) featured 12 into the calendar making refinement linkage 6 designs exclusive benefits, copyright free gift activities [notes] 1, the the activities involved in the process, no charge. Readers in the activities of the contents of the provisions of the project costs and disputes arising out of nothing to do with the Shenyang ZAKER. This platform is only responsible for the release of information, all problems generated in the negotiation process and Wang are pictures please. 2, the calendar activity is not redeemable for cash, not equivalent products. 3, only in 2016 did not participate in the experience of shooting customers, not with other activities to share the experience. This activity repeatedly involved in the registration invalid, Wang is the customer will call your successful participation and invite the shooting schedule. 4, shooting valid until December 31, 2016. 5, Wang is the customer service department will be in the film about 7-15 working days after ITU confirm with you the baby shooting schedule, please wait patiently and keep the phone open! Hao Li second wave: ZAKER Shenyang sun shot rob cash envelopes photos for everyone to see, but also wonderful enough.? The papers also earn money? No! Yes! Wrong! You are the Liaoshen Evening News · ZAEKR ZAEKR Shenyang is the editor of Shenyang people’s own platform! Grab the red envelopes of cash rules: from now on, Liaoshen Evening every week held a photography contest, buddies in Shenyang as long as ZAKER " Liaoning " chat; his photographic works can be published in the community. In the "collector" community in lens, photography has money reward! There’s more cash reward for the month! What are you waiting for, Download ZAK.相关的主题文章: