Yemen occurred 17 days of fierce fighting caused by the death of the Allied air strikes caused by th seaway

Yemen fighting caused 17 dead on the same day by coalition air strikes caused 19 dead and the original title: Yemen, 17 people were killed on both sides of the conflict fighting coalition air strikes caused 19 people dead in Yemen news agency in Beijing in September 22,   comprehensive news: the parties to the conflict in Yemen local time 21 days of fighting broke out, killing at least 17 people were killed. At least 19 people were killed in an air raid by Saudi Arabia’s allied forces on the same day in Western Yemen. According to Agence France-Presse, the Yemen government forces and armed Jose day for the mandab Strait near a strategic position in fierce fighting. Yemen government forces said 13 militants were killed and at least 4 government soldiers killed. Hu did not disclose the armed aspects of casualties. Both sides in the Yemen conflict fighting time coincides with the Houthi armed seizure of control of the two anniversary of the Yemen capital sanaa. Hu said in a statement issued by the armed forces, to continue to fight against Saudi Arabia, the ultimate realization of Yemen’s freedom and independence". Saudi led multinational coalition air strikes in Western Yemen. Reuters quoted witnesses as saying that the multinational coalition aircraft to the armed forces of Hodeidah, the control of the missile fired a number of missiles. Azaz, vice governor of Hodeidah Province, said at least 19 people were killed and many others were injured. Local residents said the air strikes the place is a mess. Iran’s official media sources said the multinational coalition air strikes target is a market in Hodeidah, killing 35 people were killed. But the statement has not yet been officially confirmed in Yemen. Multinational coalition spokesman did not comment on the day’s air strikes. In September 2014, Houthi armed seizure of the capital Sanaa, forced President Hardy and his cabinet to Saudi asylum. March 2015, Saudi Arabia, the joint multinational armed forces launched a code named decisive storm military action. The office of the United Nations High Commissioner for human rights released a report last month that some 3800 civilians have been killed in the conflict since the conflict escalated in Yemen in March 2015. (end) editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: