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Pregnancy Some new studies have suggested that the foods eaten by women in the time leading up to be.ing pregnant can influence the gender of their baby. For any parents who want to increase the odds of conceiving a male child , there are some things that can favor this out.e, and one of these is choosing the right kinds of food. Strategies for Male Gender Selection More people than ever are keen to find natural ways to influence the gender of the child they are trying to conceive. If you are one of the people who wants to know how to conceive a boy, you will be pleased to know you are not alone. If you have already done some research into ways to do this, you will probably be familiar with the most popular suggestions. These include: – Careful timing of ovulation – Careful timing of intercourse – Selecting particular positions during intercourse – Choosing the right diet and nutrition, Click here for more details on How Can Dietary Choices Impact the Gender of Child. All these factors most likely play a part in deciding the baby’s gender, but the key question is whether this is supported by documented evidence. A number of modern studies have been throwing some light on how the mother’s diet may increase the chances of having a boy. Scientific Background In an edition of the Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences journal published in 2008, results of a study revealed that there is some evidence to show that a woman’s diet can help in gender selection. The research was conducted on 721 first-time mothers, and showed that including some foods and avoiding others seemed to increase the chance of having a boy. The study analyzed the diets the women were on at the time they became pregnant. 56% of the women who delivered male offspring ate high-energy foods and also had the highest calorie intake. Of the women who were on a restricted diet where they kept their calorie intake low, only 45% delivered a male. Research also seems to indicate that women who miss breakfast are more likely to produce female children. There is a suggestion by researchers that this accounts for the fact that, in the western world, fewer boys are born than girls. Some researchers believe that this is a demonstration of evolution in action. They propose that nature will adjust the gender of children born during periods of food shortages. The Best Foods for Conceiving a Boy If you want to swing the balance in favor of giving birth to a boy, you should choose a higher calorie diet. You should also include foods that will provide you with a wide range of nutrients. Eating large quantities of foods from the following categories improves your chances of conceiving a boy. – Foods that are high in Vitamin B12. These include pork, liver, turkey and eggs. – Foods that are high in Vitamin D. These include fish, dairy products, oysters, fortified cereals and caviar. – Foods that are high in Vitamin C. These include lemons, other citrus fruits and tomatoes. – Foods with high levels of potassium. These include bananas, apricots, leafy green vegetables and white beans. – Alkaline foods. These will help maintain the right pH level in cervical fluid. – Cereals. It is especially important not to skip breakfast, and cereals are an ideal choice for that. It is important to have a well balanced diet that delivers all the essential vitamins and minerals you need while trying to get pregnant, and this is best achieved by eating a wide range of food types. Keeping track of your fertile days can also help in having an influence on your baby’s gender. Ensuring your nutritional requirements are being met helps your body to be ready for pregnancy, so you should be careful not to miss meals, and stay off low calorie diets. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: