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What did Hong Xiuzhu say in the closed door meeting? Original title: Hong Xiuzhu in the "Xi Hong" closed door meeting transcript of the CPC Central Committee General Secretary Xi Jinping met with KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu China the afternoon of November 1st, two people have closed door meeting after the open short speech. Hong Xiuzhu mentioned in the closed door meeting, 520 Taiwan government trust is weak, communication failure, should maintain the folk exchange temperature, push play folk communication; in order to avoid the long-term accumulation of mutual trust on both sides apart, advocate the Kuomintang and the Communist Party must strengthen the communication mechanism, which is the historical responsibility and mission responsibility of both sides. Transcript: Hong Xiuzhu closed the General Secretary Xi, Taiwan, and the members of the delegation, the presence of the ladies and gentlemen, Hello: this year is the one hundred and fifty anniversary of the birth of Mr. Sun Zhongshan, Chinese KMT delegation yesterday to worship Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum forever Prime Minister of Zhongshan, mr.. The Prime Minister Sun founded the party, devoted to the revolution, overthrew the monarchy and the restoration of China, the establishment of the Republic of China, his great achievements, the Chinese nation has deep gratitude. Mr. Zhongshan to promote national revival, civil rights and livelihood is developed all the work is the first call for "rejuvenating" the history of great men, both sides should take Zhongshan teacher, to create a national revival, peace and happiness shared prosperity. In order to follow the great ideal of Mr. Zhongshan, we are here today for talks, which is since 2005, even Hu talks since the high-level dialogue, continuity, symbol of bipartisan political mutual trust foundation for the "92 consensus" unchanged, both for the pursuit of peaceful development of cross-strait common people seeking ambitious goal of happiness, never change! In the past the dedication and cooperation between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party to promote cross-strait, finally from the confrontation of the situation, to open a new meteorological LANGPING shore width, whether from the signing of flights, tourism, trade, culture and various protocols, as well as the establishment of official cross-strait interaction channel with the hotline, can get rich fruit. Unfortunately, this year the party lost power, but also lost the dominant policy of cross-strait policy. After the 520 cross-strait relations changed, official channels of communication to suspend trade and tourism exchanges, the original folk mutual also becoming a recession. With the cross-strait relations stagnation of the occlusion, various mutual hatred speech is also growing, not only seriously hurt feelings and trust of the people on both sides, for the future of cross-strait relations cast unfavorable variables. When the mutual trust between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait is weak, the communication is out of order, we should maintain the temperature of non-governmental exchanges, and act as a promoter of civil exchanges. "A grim and grave situation, crowing incessantly, Chinese although the KMT for the opposition, but we never fear slanderous talks and self withdrawal, if we are afraid to take, not only to meet the predecessors, arduous hardships, more likely because of the unexpected friction or political miscalculation, increased conflict, and even lead to fierce collision and lose. Therefore, in order to avoid the long-term accumulation of mutual trust on both sides apart, in order not to let the years of hard to build the communication results into water, we advocate the Kuomintang and the Communist Party must strengthen the communication mechanism, the benefit of the people the idea must insist that this is the duty of the historical responsibility and mission! We know that economic and social exchanges are an important component of the cross-strait civil interaction!相关的主题文章: