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VR white paper: the eve of the outbreak to be perfect – Sohu application technology [Technews] new technology VR (virtual reality) concept is on the market fast, hot degree, even caused the Ministry concerned. Recently, the Ministry of industry under the China Institute of electronic technology standardization issued the 2016 virtual reality industry development white paper on VR technology and VR industry to make a comprehensive analysis. The white paper believes that China’s virtual reality is on the eve of the outbreak, will enter the window of sustained rapid development". However, there are many challenges in the application of VR technology. For example, hardware technology, VR products are also inconvenient to use equipment, poor results, data processing speed can not keep up with the requirements of virtual reality, the price is expensive and other issues. On the software, the VR industry is also facing the dilemma of the related algorithms and theories, such as the high speed image processing, the 3D modeling technology and the artificial intelligence technology. Application, the current VR technology is mainly used in military and scientific research, the future should strive to play a role in the field of civil industry. In view of the above problems of VR, "white paper" suggested that China should be in the top-level design, VR industry and VR industry applications, as well as cultural and brand building efforts. The VR (Source:Flickr Maurizio Pesce consumer experience CC BY 2) although the "white paper" that the current application of VR technology is not widely, but with the characteristics of immersive, VR can bring realistic experience, VR technology has been gradually infiltrated into the game, film and television, theme parks and decoration and other fields, the future in the field of civil space to play great. For example, in the field of medicine, scientists have been studying how to use VR technology in the treatment of patients with autism. They are based on autism not communicating with normal people, and to create a virtual reality environment, let the patient to open up in the known treatment, which helps doctors, but also conducive to the promotion between relatives and friends to communicate with patients. This application is also being investigated, in addition to the "white paper" that encounter problems in how to protect the safety and autism in VR patients, and prevent patients unable to extricate themselves in it, but also scientists need to solve the problem as soon as possible. Extended reading: (source: Flickr Maurizio PesceCC BY the first figure 2) for more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews Science News相关的主题文章: