Vegan Dog

Vegan dog food is gaining popularity because some dogs have special diet needs and their owners have found away of feeding them that eliminates those problems or at least minimize them. What is vegan dog food? Just like in humans vegan dog food consist of nutrients that have been certified organic by the USDA. When you feed your dog fruits and vegetables straight from the earth they are without any preservatives. Their minerals and vitamins are in their natural state and they are full of antioxidants. You can elect to make your own dog food or buy it. If your dog has a special diet you can now find specialty brands on the internet. Sometimes it is much easier to make your own food if your dog has severe health problems with digestion or food allergies. The benefits of making your own dog food are many. You have complete control over what goes into it. If you decide to use fruits of vegetables always remember to remove any seed or pits from fruit. For finicky dogs try using some organic peanut butter on pieces of fruit or vegetables. 1. bananas are a good source of potassium and magnesium 2. apples are a good source of vitamin "c" and will help your dog detoxify 3. apple pectin also helps with digestion 4. sweet potatoes helps support lungs function and are high in vitamin "A" Dogs like humans should eat their food close to its natural state. Some raw vegetable may need to be put in the blender to break down the cellulose for user digestion. Some of the benefits seen by owners that use vegan dog food are: 1. less exposure to preservatives 2. cleaner teeth 3. less chronic diseases 4. ease of preparation 5. less arthritis pain 6. antioxidants in their natural form 7. low rate of diabetes 8. decrease of parasites (fleas, ticks and mites) As you can see there are a variety of reasons to give your dog vegan dog food. Take the time to learn what your dog likes. Always check with your vet, to learn the newest information on vegan dog food. Always introduce new food slowly so that your dog has a chance to adapt to it. Fresh wholesome ingredients make the best dog treats. We want your dog to be happy and healthy for many years to come. As always check with your vet before introducing new foods into your dogs diet. About the Author: Written by a dog owner whose four Jack Russell Terriers suffered many allergies, only to discover that they were caused by their dog food. To learn more about organic dog treats, come visit me at where you will find more information on dog treats, natural dog food and how to keep your dog healthy. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Pets 相关的主题文章: