Understanding The Symptoms Of A Panic Attack-yvette yates

Stress-Management There are more and more people suffering with panic and anxiety attack than ever before. This is due to a number of factors; however, the primary factor for the exponential growth of panic disorders is that we are more and more exhausted. When we are tired, run down and overworked we are at our most vulnerable. At this point of vulnerability is the birthplace of our anxiety. Anxiety is our minds defense mechanism to warn us of danger and to promote self preservation. Most panic treatments revolve around medication or relaxation techniques. These outdated and in.plete panic treatments only address the symptoms, they dont address the cause. Without treating the cause we can never be set free of this disorder. In order to implement reliable and effective panic treatments, you have to understand why you are manifesting the emotional, mental and physical symptoms of a panic disorder. As I had said, you find yourself very exhausted and life is taking its toll on you and everything that could go wrong does go wrong. Your sympathetic neurological system senses that you are extremely vulnerable and understands that consciously you are doing nothing to .bat this. It believes you are defenseless and reacts by activating your self preservation instincts to kick start your recovery. The method to fire off this effect is to increase your anxiety levels so high that your sub conscious believes you are in imminent danger. Your body then goes into self defense mode in preparation for a fight or flight reaction to this perceived danger. This is when the physical symptoms occur. In regards to the fact that your body is defending itself, it will increase the blood supply to the necessary limbs. This often violent heart pounding is interpreted as a potential heart attack. Coupled with the fact that your blood is drained from weak areas to prevent blood loss from the skins, toes and fingers, this often leaves tingling feelings in those limbs. Breathing is escalated to oxygenate the muscle tissue, which often results in the sufferer trying to counteract this breathing and this conflict results in choking and feelings of suffocation. Once you understand the context of these symptoms it be.es much easier to implement panic treatments. Your panic treatments can now deal effectively with the attack by virtue of the fact that your panic treatments are not opposing your bodies natural desire to protect yourself. Think carefully about the panic treatments you have had or undergoing and then think about what you felt like before your attack. If you felt over run, vulnerable and exhausted then your panic attack was probably a defensive reaction. This means that your panic treatments need to help you cure your vulnerabilities and you will get your anxiety under control. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: