U.S. military F-22 pilots to disclose the U.S. military intercepted the Soviet Union 24 events insid yvette yates

The U.S. F-22 U.S. army pilots disclosed to intercept Soviet 24 event insider information: Su 24 of its original title: the U.S. pilots on how to track Syria Su -24 fighter pilot in the U.S. air force to accept the "USA Today" interview, described in the northeast of Syria near Syria war machine details. The incident in Hasek (al-Hasakah) near the village in August 19th. The Pentagon said a coalition led by the United States sent special forces in this region, when Syria entered the village of Su -24 fighter (al-Hasakah) over the airspace Hasek, two American F-22 fighter to meet it. According to the U.S. Air Force pilots, and ultimately did not contact with the Syria pilots. The U.S. military is also trying to contact the Russian military, but the Russian side said that they did not receive the news of Syrian action. At that time, the pilots of F-22 asked to be allowed to close to Su -24, to determine whether they carry weapons. A F-22 tracked Su -24 for a few minutes until it left the airspace. After a while, there were second Syria aircraft in the airspace, followed by its American pilots to find out, it is the same as the first plane, did not carry weapons.相关的主题文章: