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Travel with the way the merger and reorganization of Wanda tourism   next year is expected to generate earnings — travel channel in Beijing in October 9, (Feng Yatao even pure) today, with the way tourism and Wanda Group jointly announced that with the way International Travel Agency (Group) (hereinafter referred to as "the same way travel") will be reorganized under the banner of the Wanda Group Wanda Beijing Tourism Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Wanda tourism"). At the same time, with the way travel also announced its management has completed a new round of the company’s $1 billion capital increase, continue to maintain the proportion of voting rights. Including Wanda, Ctrip, Tencent, including all shareholders with the same way to support the independent development of the same journey, and support the company to enter the capital market in a timely manner. After the merger and reorganization of   12 Wanda tourism travel agency is still independent development in June 2016, with the way tourism announced the same way and in the same way as CITS network two plates of independent operation, among them, with Cheng Guolv to the leisure travel destination and scenic spots, as the core, with the way the network is to achieve the scale of profits, the ticket hotels, train tickets and other standard products as the main business. Following the two plate after independence, recently, with the way tourism again for a major strategic decision made by the tourism market, announced the same way CITS will merge with Wanda tourism. It is understood that the same way travel plans after the board of directors approved the realization of the transaction in the form of cash + stock. After the completion of the transaction, with the way travel market value will be more than 20 billion yuan, more than $5 billion in cash reserves. "The same way into CITS Wanda tourism’s 12 travel agencies are the best travel around the line, which included in the national top 100 more than 6, has a strong influence on the market in the country, management team focused on travel industry for many years, has extensive experience in the industry." With the way travel founder, CEO Wu Zhixiang said. The same way, with the way tourism founder International Travel Agency (Group) President Wu Jian said, in the future, Wanda tourism 12 travel agencies will continue to play their respective advantages, to maintain the existing name, remain independent development, with the same process in each region of the CITS molecules in the business will have more in-depth collaboration; at the same time, with the way travel the travel agency will set up headquarters support center, actively cooperate with the travel agency in the merged business management work. After the merger and reorganization of next year is expected to produce a profit with the way tourism and tourism group Chinese Wanda tourism ranked 20, 2014 and 2015, with the way tourism has won three Tencent, Ctrip and Wanda investment investment of nearly 8 billion yuan. The management of travel with the way to complete the company 1 billion yuan to a new round of capital, continue to maintain the first vote proportion, which is regarded as the management of the company for the signal future business and market prospects continue to look good. The industry generally believe that, with Wanda tourist industry restructuring, will further strengthen the tourism with the way online and offline combination of advantage. In general, the line travel with the local market, the traditional control of resources and other advantages, the online travel service providers have the talent, technology, data, online and offline complementary advantages, resource sharing, each other can effectively improve transaction conversion rate and user re purchase rate, to create a line with the development of the industry a)相关的主题文章: