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TOYOTA coaster TOYOTA classic new Beijing 4S store sales TOYOTA coaster car sales, luxury interior modifications. Kost has plenty of power, sporty body, sensitive and comfortable space, modified with many functions to create a strong technical strength and top craftsmanship of the Kost luxury commercial vehicle, with luxurious interiors, excellent performance, and make driving motorists have to feel tired the ultimate luxury experience since the founding of the company the FAW TOYOTA Coaster (Coaster), imported Kost (Coaster), NISSAN (Nissan) based import Bilian car platform, successfully modified the design of a coaster, Kost, imported NISSAN Lilian, high-end business 13 super VIP Extreme Edition, high-end business 11 super VIP Extreme Edition, high-end business 911 super VIP Extreme Edition land first-class cabin, high-end business land 12 VIP official version, 10 VIP 17 VIP land first-class cabin, high-end business edition, 7 high-grade commercial real car. Beijing guodianhuaxun Albert automobile trade limited company Sichuan Chengdu FAW TOYOTA, TOYOTA coaster in Beijing 5S store sales professional large custom business reception luxury car interior decoration concept remodeling is the most professional to give you the most intimate feelings of decoration. Specific details please telephone Car Buying discount gift! Sales Hotline: 010-89750282 Sales Director: 18510569999 13301069188 Liu reference more good manners at the company’s official website: mainly at the modification of TOYOTA Kost, Nissan Bilian, TOYOTA Hiace and other models, can now be modified according to customer requirements of various models. TOYOTA coaster designed to create the best mobile office environment for customers, comprehensive, economic, luxury and vehicle performance, which COASTER has the characteristics of many popular. (COASTER) once used the name "TOYOTA coaster", the world recognized the "luxury bus" pronoun, from birth to today has nearly 40 years of history, in China also has 30 years of time, the Chinese bus especially had a great influence on the design and manufacture of Pakistan, which belongs to the typical design of a Japanese car, obviously unlike European and American cars, no big shortcomings, convenient, beautiful and practical, but also cater to Chinese taste. TOYOTA COASTER luxury bus, government and business activities in the most trusted faithful partner of Kost TOYOTA, why TOYOTA coaster models should be modified? This is also a lot of people do not understand, TOYOTA Kost, TOYOTA coaster car not selected location, it is the positioning of high-end VIP shuttle occasions due to TOYOTA, Kost (TOYOTA coaster) this position focuses on VIP VIP, the significance of which is paid much attention to not neglect and determine the identity on important occasions not as how to reflect the TOYOTA Kost noble? Please dial the hotline 010-89750282 Car Buying mobile phone: 18510569999 13301069188相关的主题文章: