Today’s free Mars and the moon 20 will be staged Moon Fairy Tales – Beijing 9c8950

Today’s "free" Mars and the moon 20 will be staged "Moon Fairy Tales" – Beijing, according to Xinhua news agency, Tianjin, October 7 Xinhua (reporter Zhou Runjian) 8 days, in twenty-four ushered in the lunar solar term "cold dew". Astronomy experts say, coincidentally, a beautiful sky "Mars and the moon" will be staged on this day. Then, as long as the weather is fine, the public with the naked eye can see the Mars and the bright red moon embraced, lit light scene. Astronomy education experts, Zhao Zhiheng, director of the Astronomical Society of Tianjin, said the whole of October, Mars in Sagittarius, the brightness of 0.2. If the weather is fine, the south west toward the night sky, one can see its shadow. The 8 day of the 8th day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar 20, the quarter moon high up in the sky, the moon not far from the bottom left, a red glowing star, this is the famous mars. At this moment, Mars and the bright red moon, relatively deep in the sky, staged "Moon Fairy Tales", as the autumn sky adds taste. Astronomy experts suggest that Mars is the only telescope to see clearly the terrestrial planets. Astronomers with small telescopes to observe the moon on Mars, the effect is better. Through the telescope, Mars looks like an orange ball.相关的主题文章: