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The three quarterly market focused "theme" "real growth" — the two main financial — original title: three quarterly market focused "theme" "real growth" two line with the semi annual disclosure of the ending, three quarterly performance of listed companies notice to start market speculation funds concern. The announcement information shows that for some of the forecasted stocks, agency is already ahead of the layout, the fund industry sources, quarterly market speculation will be more focused on the "theme" and "real growth" two main lines, some of the lower valuation of the growth of the brand, is the ideal target configuration. Guangzhou Daily reporter Wu Qian to increase the performance of semi annual disclosure is completed, the overall look is not too ideal, although the motherboard market accounts slightly, but net profit fell 2.89%, a small profit growth is mostly from mergers and acquisitions and statement of income, relative performance, stock prices significantly overvalued. The Wind data show that as of September 3rd, two, has more than 1 thousand listed companies in advance through the three quarterly performance, of which there are more than and 700 companies in the three quarter, a slight increase of yejiyuzeng, continued earnings or losses, there are nearly 300 company performance pre cut, slightly reduced, the first loss or continued losses. In the volatile market environment, the overall performance of listed companies highlights Co., blue chip stocks Whitehorse became the object of focus chasing mechanism. Wanfude investment general manager Li Shuwei pointed out, looking for three quarterly stocks Whitehorse, first of all, we should avoid the semi annual performance growth stocks is larger, but mainly from the non recurring profit or investment income. Secondly, investment and profit growth in the main business income of the synchronous growth of the company, from the price of short-term fluctuations brought short-term sustained growth performance is poor, only the main business revenue steady growth, steady growth of profits is the healthy and steady growth. Some pharmaceutical, wine, food industry in the valuation of lower performance growth of the brand, is still the ideal target configuration." Li Shuwei said that emerging industries, the industry growth rate of more than two digits, the growth rate of more than 30% of the performance of stocks, although the valuation is higher, but the gains will be higher, radical investors can choose such a subject. Stock fund latent yejiyuzeng stock for the three quarter of outstanding performance, institutions wait for the wind to. Ryan wisdom semi annual report is expected, the company in 2016 1 to September net profit of 135 million yuan to 189 million yuan, an increase of 39027.34% to 54598.27%. Its semi annual report, Xing new vision flexible configuration, the national social security fund 118 combinations, the South has been lurking in the high growth. Similarly, in solar energy and industrial technology, Hualian holdings and Hinur yejiyuzeng stock list of shareholders, the letter Chongqing Sunway Investment Advisory Center (limited partnership), Changsheng No. two private equity fund, Wells Fargo index card in the reform of state-owned enterprises classification, the national social security fund 403 portfolio, Schroder silver blue chip mixed, the national social security fund 402 Bo Yu Fu combination, the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index and other institutional investors figure. A stock market speculation has always been the main focus of the stock market is more focused on the theme and the real growth of two lines." Teng Yi Investment General Manager Zhang Feiteng pointed out that the market Tour相关的主题文章: