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The three children China custom by foreigners as a treasure – mother Sohu in the delivery room, often hear some 90 women talk, think that the western science life children, China our ancestors left behind the dregs. On the Internet, also often appear such comments, almost all is one-sided, that western production mode is more scientific. In fact, the same as Mayinglong hemorrhoids ointment is widely used in the United States, some methods and techniques, the child of ancient Chinese in foreign countries, is still very popular. In particular, the following three kinds, some of which are also used in the United States obstetrics textbooks. Moxibustion treatment of malposition of children, the most afraid of malposition. Malposition, Chinese medicine called down production, crossbirth, partial production, malposition of the fetus. That is the pregnant women after the deficiency of Qi and blood, enough to influence the normal activities of the uterus pregnancy nauseau. After fetal arrhythmia or qi stagnation or panic, affect fetal malposition induced translocation. Correction of malposition, western medicine generally adopted knee chest position method is by changing the center of rotation of the fetus to fetal position, this method has high blood pressure and hypertension during pregnancy is not easy to use taboo. As early as in the Tang Dynasty wrote in seventh Century of doctor Zhang Wenzhong "Tai Sheng Hui Fang", it introduces the moxibustion is to position correction. The best time to choose from 15 pm to 17 pm. After emptying urine of pregnant women supine position, undress, off side socks, relax muscles, maintain stable and uniform breath, eyes closed natural intent abdominal fetal rotation. If you hold a pen to write on the moxibustion with moxa stick shaped ignition end alignment of pregnant women foot toe lateral toe angle after about 1 minute, Schwinn and moxibustion (moxibustion burning end and pregnant women with moxa foot toe lateral distance of about 1 inches, to pregnant women feel warm foot toe lateral but not burning degree). Pregnant women feel a warm feeling from the outside of the foot foot toe extension for lateral conduction in the direction, and frequent activities in fetal abdominal rotation timing moxibustion 20 minutes. Pregnant women were kept supine for 60 minutes. Moxibustion once a day, a gynecological examination, fetal positive stop operation. As long as the correct grasp the diagnosis, generally 3 ~ 5 times of pregnant women can make fetal positive. This method is included in the written by academician of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the famous "Spock pregnant guide" in the book, also by the method of non Western medicine treatment of fetal America is not only recognized. Oxytocin: castor oil fried egg in addition, oxytocin technology, traditional Chinese medicine also has merit, if the fetus is not yet pregnant women in labor, how to do? The midwife experienced make maternal family carry a dish of castor oil fried egg. Pregnant women eat, will soon be delivered. In a few decades ago, China’s delivery room or in this way, when it was called induced labor meal, the need to give birth to the mother gave them a plate of such a meal. The specific approach is: 50 ml of castor oil into the pot heated to heat, 2 egg stir, add a little salt, egg pieces into the pot fry golden yellow, for pregnant women to eat together under a hot. Castor oil fried eggs, why there is the role of oxytocin, because castor oil rich in castor oil, and egg yolk lecithin can produce four grams of peanut acid at high temperatures. Peanut four acid in pregnant women,.相关的主题文章: