The preliminary information Gregory led French partner uncertain Saltzman

The preliminary information: Gregory led French strikers determined Saltzman Friday 009             World Cup;; French VS       Bulgaria; 2016-10-08 02:45         weather: sunny 24& DEG; Venue: France France Group phase and the first round of golf course I failed to win, but their opponent to win the first round of the smooth group phase, taking into account the group and the Holland strong competitors and rivals Sweden this can not be ignored, the French should still call up, otherwise it is likely to repeat the tragedy of the European Cup in Holland. In fact, if just from the strength level analysis of France for Bulgaria if not rolling, is also a big lead, this session of the French squad still chose not to let Benzema join the attack, led by the European Cup in the limelight of Griezmann, his partner is very difficult to say that Marshall or Gameiro or Corman. The midfielder is still big players from Manchester United, Pogba, partner of payer, Tottenham’s Sissoko, and Paris Saint Germain midfielder Mattu Edie Chelsea and midfielder Kanter, the midfield defensive ability should be Europe’s top, but the attack ability, in addition to the more prominent than did Pogba Payette, according to his playing position is decided in favor of offensive or defensive. Not too much of a surprise back line and the goalkeeper position, and the French team in the backcourt should be regarded as a relatively weak link, the protection of two but the beast waist in midfield, the team’s defensive pressure can not say. It is worth mentioning that in France this month 11 days with the Holland team team is the strongest dialogue, the first round of Holland failed to win, so France while considering the game to win, must also think of a few days and Holland clash. The first round of the Bulgarian smoothly in the home court against Luxemburg, and played a big score 4-3, to say the defensive team, especially on the defensive midfield as the French team quality, but they are not stupid enough to on the road and the French team to attack, is more likely to stabilize the defense, strive to get 1 points. Fight record: a total of 3 times in the history of the two sides to fight, most recently in 1996, now has a distance of 20 years, France’s overall dominance of the 2 wins and 1. SMG recommended: the field of France in the home court winning suspense should not, the problem is to win a few, considering the battle with Holland, France may not be the pursuit of victory, let the ball to win even negative play, can be considered Pingfu, scoring a total of 2.3.相关的主题文章: