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The practice of such a small dessert, fast for the baby to take it! Sohu Apple Pie maternal in a small dessert online to learn, is the first time to eat baby love to share with everyone clamoring to eat snacks Yo baby may wish to try it super simple and convenient if you are in the oven to roast oven can not eat oven can also pan fried eat outside of egg and milk flavor inside apple pie and super fast cookies yo, hope children will love the way I feel about bread or do their own health in the public number, at the back of "bread" dialog box, you can search to it ~ shopping list: Bread Recipe 2 tablets, milk powder 50ml, apple 1, egg 1 spices: no cooking. Method: fried reference month age: more than 18 months of difficulty: no difficulty tips: suitable for food ingredients in the baby is not allergic. * * * 1 prepare ingredients: bread slices of 2, milk powder 50ml, apple, eggs, 1, 1. 2 slices of bread with a knife cut around, leaving only the middle part. PS: treasure the mother can also own and face, made of dough instead of bread. The practice of bread, in the public number dialog box reply bread will be able to receive homemade bread ~ 3 will be cut into small pieces of apple. (after I try, or peeled apples and then cut into pieces, taste more delicious.) 4 with a knife cut into small pieces of very small, then a chop chop, a bit like apple mud feeling. 5 in the side of the bread into the right amount of Apple mud, pay attention to the edge of the apple mud. 6 slices of bread with a knife blade edge opening compaction. PS: when the pressure is not to force too much, otherwise easy to direct the edge cut. 7 apple pie like this. 8 will Apple Pie into good foam milk, both dip, and quickly picked up. PS: the action must be fast, don’t put a long time, Apple Pie absorb too much milk easily broken. 9 egg, on both sides of the brush in Apple Pie painted egg liquid. 10 pot pour a little oil, oil heat into the apple pie, small fire slowly fried. PS: if the home has an oven, you can bake in the oven for about 10 minutes, the taste is also very good oh! But I haven’t tried the oven method, baking temperature is not too sure, try to recommend 170 degrees, in the adjustment at any time, don’t burn. 11 side fried, turn to the other side continue to fry. 12 wait until the surface of the egg liquid coagulation, sweet and delicious apple pie is done, the most important thing is in the frying, the oil must not put too much, baby eat healthy. PS: just fried apple pie is very hot, Po mom must wait for apple pie to cool the baby to eat oh! WeChat public "baby nutrition complementary", included me.相关的主题文章: