The notorious Japanese dolphin Festival has begun for half a

Japan’s notorious repute began killing dolphins festival lasted for half a year environmentalists in front of the Japanese Embassy in London to protest the dolphin Festival Phoenix Technology News Beijing on September 11th news, according to "National Geographic" magazine online edition reported that once a year Japan began killing dolphins festival. On Friday, Japan’s southern village of Taiji fishermen killed 20 dolphins, kicked off the notorious repute festival. "I’m really relieved that we have finally caught the dolphins," said Yoshifumi, an official of the local fisheries association, Kai. Since 2009, the dolphin Festival has been widely condemned worldwide. At that time Oscar winning documentary "Puerto Galera" was released, let the world people learned of this bloody holiday. According to the documentary shows that Japanese fishermen will be rounded up thousands of dolphins, sold to Ocean Park or directly killing. During the massacre, the dolphin’s blood almost the entire bay water red. After protests and pressure from the world zoo and Aquarium Association, the Japan zoo and Aquarium Association announced in 2015 that it was forbidden to buy and sell dolphins in the disputed hunt. The documentary "Puerto Galera" scene in "the hunter will continue for several days after the open sea dolphin," Project spokesman Christine charity organization Dolphin Gau said in an email. "These dolphins are very unlucky. The killing of adult dolphins makes no sense, and it forces young dolphins to take care of themselves in the vast ocean, hoping that this will inspire everyone to take action." Dolphin festival begins in mid September each year until the following year in March. According to Dolphin Project revealed that this year the Japanese government set the quota of slaughter is roughly the same as last year, the number of 1820. In addition, the trainer can choose about 150 live bottlenose dolphins, the dolphins have been pre sold to all over the world Ocean Park. Dolphin Project says the injured and killed dolphins are likely to be far more than the official reports. Many people around the world staged a protest in September 1st to condemn the brutal nature of the hunt. "According to our scientific understanding, dolphins have very complex cognitive abilities, including self and social consciousness. The killing of dolphins is unforgivable, "dolphin behavior in New York Hunter Institute of Technology psychologist Diana Reiss said on the" New Scientist "magazine in 2013. Environmentalists hope that the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo will prompt the government to ban the hunt. "We will urge the Japanese government to consider the global attention on the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, ending the slaughter of dolphins, as well as their whaling," nonprofit Earth Island Institute (Earth Island Institute) marine mammal Project Deputy Director Mark Palmer said. (compile sail)相关的主题文章: