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The newspaper: "severely punish" village feast   properly is wrong – View – original title: Village "severely punish" banquet properly is wrong can not override the law and regulation system, also cannot override the popular opinion, the best loved by the villagers of advocacy, and not simply and arbitrarily the implementation of punishment. In August 10th, Sichuan city of Dazhou province Xuanhan nanbazhen County, a village for his mother to do birthday, the day after it was reported violations do feast, then, the villagers are required to pay 650 yuan fee do feast "illegal cognition". The villagers have some doubts about this: he is just an ordinary villagers, do a more than and 10 table feast, how to break it? Local authorities said, in order to prevent the local frequent banquet atmosphere, the village had introduced the villagers pacts, in violation of the agreements. (the "Chengdu daily" August 24th) parts of the lavish points is very serious, for many families, "human like debt" is not a joke. According to the relevant departments of the local nanbazhen, had a family of three brothers for the elderly do birthday, the first day of the second day son make arrangements for the two son arrangements, third days three son arrangements, the same birthday, the three brothers set three times, make friends very difficult. The local villagers expect to play role to curb lavish, seems to be a correct way of thinking. However, regulation is not a panacea, but can not rely on unreasonable pacts to curb lavish. In Mr. Fei Xiaotong’s writing, the Chinese countryside is in order. Some of the natural formation of the village, plays an important role in rural governance structure. With the evolution of rural governance structure, to ensure the implementation of the agreements Xian function decline, it is very regrettable. Because see such regret, many areas of focus on the combination of Xian and village. For example, some local culture "peacemaker" has played a positive role in rural governance. Modern governance seeks wisdom from tradition. To find and play the role of nature. Think this is: what is the real village? Pacts must reflect the true public opinion, should be more reflected in moral guidance, rather than the rigid implementation of the system. Allegedly, the local villagers in the formulation, with reference to the provisions of the local office of the party members and cadres of the banquet. For example, when home child marriage can do feast; the death of the elderly can do feast; the elderly at the age of 80 and 90 years old can feast. Meet the requirements of the banquet must first apply to the local residents, the village committee and the community to write for the record, and the number of not more than 40 tables. A problem which is caused by, although these provisions reflect the "good intentions", but the general idea of whether on behalf of the villagers? In the traditional rural governance in the village, has been playing an important role. The best people loved the way through advocacy, but not simple and arbitrary punishment. (commissioning editor Dong Xiaowei and Wen Songhui)相关的主题文章: