The new Audi A4L superstar night hot registration! incubus

The new Audi A4L superstar night hot registration! New Audi A4L superstar meet countdown 8 days! November 16th, Wenstin Hotel, the new Audi A4L innovation debut, let you face to face with the superstar! The latest Audi A4L announced new preferential policies, so you can put the Audi A4L happy home, more mysterious gift from Car Buying lottery circulation, all kinds of wonderful performances make you see, large fantasy magic show that you address him enjoyable! Have to play and get, what are you waiting for? Guangzhou morning peak Audi registration!         in November 16th, the new Audi A4L super star night for the "4" can not be stopped! From the next 8 days before the miracle from the outer ring and the inner ring from the doctor to the Baiyun Mountain from Xinjiao east to Tianhe North from the grand road to Longxi road from Huadu District to Whampoa  District of Guangzhou city   horizontal screen; "4" can not block     the countdown struck, we invite you to "super star night"! November 16th superstar meeting, Guangzhou morning peak Audi agreed to you! For details, please consult Guangzhou morning peak Audi 020-28360999.相关的主题文章: