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The masters ten aspect: McGrady or create miracle rain god of War I taking a battle of wits who is more coquettish Penguin masters star Marbury Tencent sports news September 9th September 10th Beijing time, supertux basketball masters will be staged in Shanghai grand Baoshan Sports Center, McGrady Wu Yifan led 20 sports entertainment big coffee as a "sports together vs entertainment" super fight! Tencent sports will begin 7 hours of live video from September 10th 15, this star studded game Madden watch very much, as fans can not miss you. In September 10th 1, Tencent sports live video McGrady or another three points in an Tencent sign McGrady sports interview said that the game will be placed at least 8 three pointers. As a defense against the Spurs 35 seconds to hit 4 record three points of the star, 8 record three points for McGrady may be less, if he feels good, maybe there will be a staggering three rainstorm. 2, who is MVP? The game stars, MVP is the star in the star. Reference to the selection criteria of the all star game, winning the most players tend to be the first choice for MVP. McGrady is the natural candidate hot MVP masters, Billups said to fight MVP, the 2004 MVP finals but super strength. "White chocolate", Ci Shiping, Marbury and Shipeng Wang, occupation players have the opportunity, but after all, is the style of mixed masters, occupation players may be more humility, create more opportunities for artists stars, Wu Yifan, Jam Hsiao and Jiang Jinfu, the entertainment business is also expected to get Master basketball game MVP. 3, white chocolate gorgeous reproduction "white chocolate" NBA Williams is the most gorgeous style history of the guard, no one. "White chocolate" dribbling and passing imaginative and creative, entertaining. Although already retired, but "white chocolate" often participate in the exhibition, he’s fit, he has a kind of gorgeous performances in the celebrity game, worth looking forward to. 4, the Olympic champion Sun Yang Sun Yang to help out cross-border battle masters, this is a big thing. Sun Yang love basketball very much, although the usual training and competition of the task is very heavy, but as long as there is time will have a go to the basketball court. Good physical fitness Sun Yang in basketball is very domineering, and well versed in the breakthrough shot. Want to enjoy the swimming athlete’s basketball talent? Then you can’t miss this celebrity. 5, the rain god of war Jam Hsiao and Wu Yifan is small, the entertainment basketball master, Jam Hsiao had a single wonderful performance of 49 points, Wu Yifan junior high school played professional team, get the junior NBA Southern China District champion, in the course of one by one and quite occupation player style, 2016 was invited to participate in the NBA all star celebrity game. Play this game became the first Asian artist stars. The super Penguin basketball masters, rain god encounter little God, the two idol showdown, the taste is bound to sour. 6, Jiang Jinfu a dunk? Jiang Jinfu is the legendary entertainment dunk master, his dunk hit video on the web, even Shipeng Wang looked greatly. Jiang Jinfu told the Tencent interview with sports jokes, the masters will perform 3.相关的主题文章: