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The human cost accounts of a company (toread supply side enterprise cost? How to finance — — Drawing: Cai Huawei "now the price is very transparent, the market competition is fierce, the profit will be 6 to 8 points. If you do not start early to reduce costs, now I’m not so good." Guangdong bilun Tissue Paper Co., shipping warehouse, operations director Liu Yuanquan looked at is loading the row of van kept feeling. At the lowest possible cost to obtain the highest possible income, this is the only proper course to take profits. "Cost reduction" to do it, far more difficult than to talk about. In view of rising labor costs, Babylon eyes fixed on the machine substitutions, a "upgrade automatic processing equipment for the project process, after saving 13 of the labor process. Labor costs down 40%, a machine for benefit good care in front of the Taiwan high-speed automatic rewinding punching machine, to ensure the normal operation of it, is the "new work Xin Mengbo’s 90 guy. Before that, he could only repeat the operation on the assembly line day after day. Liu Yuanquan explained: in the past there are machines and equipment, but the need for a period of operation; the process between the equipment isolated from each other, in the middle to rely on manual convergence. Now use the automatic production line, this paper from the head in and out directly from the end of the paper is packaged, can be directly shipped, a process as long as 1 minutes. Only need a small amount of workers, a look at the machine, adjust the belt reel in the direction of the defective pick out." Babylon the introduction of such a production line, in the words of Liu Yuanquan, is forced out. Probably from the beginning of 2011, we obviously feel the cost of rising, especially in the past 3000 yuan, the monthly wage of $3500 can recruit people, and now basically around 4500 yuan." In the face of cost pressures, Babylon early recognized the urgency of the manual instead of automatic production line. Can the life of paper at the FMCG industry, operating income are rolled into the production cycle to the next round to go, where to find so much money to complete the initial investment? The increasingly popular on the market financing lease mode, provides third way to solve the problem "to babylon". "Down payment of 20%, the first purchase of the production line, by the financial leasing company to provide security, installment, pay off in three years." Liu Yuanquan told reporters, through this model, ease the pressure on capital investment. Such a change, the benefits come out. With the automatic rewinding machine production line, each procurement costs 2 million 300 thousand yuan, a total of 4 horse babylon. In the past with the old equipment, a line to 15 – 18 workers, now as long as the workers of the 10; paper efficiency from the original per person per hour to jump to the size of 83 kg, the rate of increase from 93% to more than 99%. From 2012 to 2015, Babylon has invested 40 million yuan for pumping tissue paper folding machine, high speed and large cyclotron (tissue), automatic folding machine, paper packaging machines and other equipment of the machine substitutions transformation project implementation)相关的主题文章: