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The game is all cybersports players hearthstone champion positive energy speech the 16 year old Amnesiac (William Barton Archon) is the last remaining clan hearthstone occupation player, if not the boss of Amaz’s own words. He won the HCT North American winter Championships this year and won the world championships this year. This is he this year after winning a speech in TEDx, Gamers Are Not Defined theme is: by Their Game (cybersports players from the game, does not define) the following is his speech: "I would like to ask you, how many people have heard of Esports electronic games? How many people think that those who sit in front of the computer to play the game, is completely wasted their precious time in life? Hello everyone, I’m William Barton." Introduces himself in the field of gaming achievements, he then try to get rid of "game player = waste Indoorsman" social prejudice. "I am a gaming player, a world traveler, is a middle school student athletes." He said, "the game is an important part of my definition of social identity, but in fact, the game is not the whole of my life. My passion for mathematics, my love for tennis and basketball, and my passion for traveling around the world with my family more than I love the game." He then focus on how the game to a Duonengduoyi people rich and colorful life journey to bring positive effects. "Not only me, I met in the winter games, the national high school chess contest champion, decent tennis players, as well as many experienced young people who are good." "Many people think that playing games is a huge stain a bright young man on his short life experience. I refuse to admit that this is part of my whole life." "The game brings me experience, and many other experiences in my life there is no competition between the points, they shape me, gave me a sense of confidence and happiness, otherwise I will not go on the podium today TEDx." E-sports is an industry, is an industry with growing potential." In support of this argument, he gives a lot of data within the industry, the industry leader and the participation of enterprises, and tells about the history of the development of E-sports in South Korea, in the current situation and Prospect of the development of Europe and the United States, and even the role of Blizzard hearthstone from play. He also took the opportunity to publicize the Archon team. Then he talked about himself. "To be honest, in the hearthstone HCT winter open day brings me much value, superego day’s loss of absenteeism." "I felt a lot of pressure during the winter games, as well." After the game, the achievements and satisfaction is unparalleled." "Even if it is learned in the interview process, will also help in life." "I have always been a top student at school, but at the same time, I always find it hard to be satisfied with the limited experience of school life." "And so I have tried countless times to explore in other areas?相关的主题文章: