The first Hongkong financial technology week opened in November 7th – China Network

The first week of November 7th – Hongkong financial technology unveiled Beijing, China News Agency, Hongkong (reporter Wen Qing) in October 25, announced the Hongkong SAR Government Investment Promotion Agency 25, Hongkong will host the first week in November 7th to November 11th financial technology. Li Shupei, assistant president of the Hongkong Monetary Authority (financial infrastructure), said the event will be discussed and published in the industry on the development of Hongkong’s financial technology insights. The Hongkong SAR Government Investment Promotion Department Acting Director Wu Guocai 25, said at a news conference, the first Hongkong financial science and technology week marks the financial industry in Hongkong will launch a new milestone. Over the next few years, the financial sector will see significant growth in the support of government and regulatory agencies and the private sector. Hongkong science and Technology Week activities organized by the financial regulators in Hongkong, the Hongkong Securities Regulatory Commission and the HKMA will be held respectively in November 7th and November 11th day activities. In the meantime, Finnovasia, Finovate, Hongkong financial industry representatives, FintechInnovationLab and FintechO2O (NexChange and Cyberport) will be held on the theme of Hongkong financial technology week theme. Wu Guocai said that block chain, network security, payment, insurance technology, regulatory technology and artificial intelligence will be an important issue during the financial technology week, as well as next year and beyond. The government attaches great importance to this, and has been in contact with other leading financial technology centers to plan next year’s development strategy. This strategy will help Hongkong to establish a professional team in key areas, and highlight the advantages of the important activities in the world. Li Shupei said that one of the important projects in the financial science and technology week is sponsored by the HKMA financial technology day. The HKMA will work with its strategic partners, including the Hongkong Institute of Applied Science and technology, Cyberport and the Hongkong science and Technology Park, to share their cooperation projects with the outside world and to promote the future development of Hongkong’s financial technology. The results of the preliminary study on the distribution of ledger accounts issued by the hkma. In addition, the industry will be in the forum, published their views on the future of Hongkong’s financial technology and its ecological. Finnovasia CEO and co-founder AnthonySar said Hongkong as an international financial center has a number of advantages, play the role of springboard for international financial science and technology enterprises, help them expand business in the mainland and the Asian market, and help Chinese financial technology enterprises in overseas development. (end)相关的主题文章: