The construction and development of the three Shashi Atlas of Beijing carried out more than 210 phot

The construction and development of the three Shashi Atlas of Beijing carried out more than 210 photos show for the first time outside Beijing Beijing in November 11 Beijing Xinhua (Xing Chong) "beautiful Sansha changing — three Shashi CLS development exhibition" 11, Wangfujing street in Beijing to carry out. More than and 210 photos of the old and new time spans more than half a century, for the first time outside the exhibition in Hainan. According to reports, the first half of this year, three Shashi held "India like · ancestor sea Sansha picture collection activities, received a total of more than 5 thousand precious pictures from home and abroad. The exhibition featured more than and 210 pieces of old and new photos, "beautiful", "three points changes" two sections showing cls. The reporter saw, "beautiful" section includes both the bright and colorful sand island scenery, but also show morijima support Xinjiang Sansha people style. "Five changes" section from the aspects of CLS regime construction, infrastructure construction, ecological environmental protection, improve people’s livelihood, the development of civil military integration, by comparing the old and new photos, reflecting the development of Sansha surge high and sweep forward. Sansha Municipal Propaganda Department staff He Xiaobo told reporters, Sansha has given people the feeling of "mysterious", hope that through for the first time outside the exhibition, which shows Sansha beauty, but also show Sansha xing. "I hope more people understand and pay attention to and support the Sansha Sansha Sansha Sansha, cohesion positive energy development." Pictures show attracted many passers-by attention. Xing Chong Photo Atlas beautifully attracted many passers-by attention. 72 year old Yang Yongchang people stood in front panels, carefully watched every photo. He told reporters, has been very concerned about the construction of the South China sea. "See the comparison of past and present Sansha, the change is turn the world upside down!" He said that there must be a chance to walk, feel the changes of the motherland’s border. Many visitors to reporters reflect, through a black and yellow old photos, more can feel the vicissitudes of history, history, people experience the hardships Sansha temper; and from a new picture, bright color, can see the changes, since the construction of the city of Sansha change rapidly turn the world upside down face, experience the achievements not easily won. Sansha witnessed legendary history of the Chinese nation development and construction of the blue territory. In July 24, 2012, three Shashi officially inaugurated, under the Hainan Province, under the jurisdiction of the Paracel Islands, the Zhongsha Islands and its sea area, Spratly Islands. A city of more than four years, the construction of three Shashi gradually promote the success. The exhibition will last until November 20th. (end)相关的主题文章: