Strong diplomacy in the South China Sea Game

The South China Sea Game "strong" diplomacy in the East Asia Summit, the ASEAN summit of the chairman’s statement, on behalf of the highest position of ASEAN, which means that the expression "Nanhai arbitration" in the ASEAN region has been officially "turn" in September 7th, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council in Vientiane, the national conference center with ASEAN leaders to attend the ASEAN China the relationship between the 25 anniversary ceremony. This is Li Keqiang and the rotating presidency of ASEAN, Prime Minister of Laos thongloun, Chinese Singapore Prime Minister Li Xianlong ASEAN Relations coordinating country three together with the cutting ANNIVERSARY CAKE photographer colleagues tried to set up the camera from the layers of the "wall", dense shutter sound can be heard without end. In September 8th the Vientiane National Convention Center, is one of the focus of global media attention, the leaders of 18 countries attended the eleventh session of the East Asia summit. Before the meeting, there are many observers believe that there will be a fierce battle on the South China Sea issue. This prediction is not out of thin air. The summit is the so-called "Nanhai arbitration" after the results came, Chinese, the United States and Japan and the 10 ASEAN leaders gathered for the first time. Before the meeting, the United States, Japan and Australia leaders have on many occasions frequently mentioned "Nanhai arbitration", even released relentless: will talk about the issue at the summit "". However, when Chinese Premier Li Keqiang led the Chinese delegation when entering the venue, people see is leisurely. Before the meeting, greeting him from time to time with other countries participating leaders shake hands, laughing. Prior to the departure of Laos to attend the meeting, Li Keqiang had two special meeting, the deployment of the East Asia summit may face severe situation. Big to the core proposition put forward by China, small to speak in order to consider, Li Keqiang personally layout". He said, we must resolutely safeguard the country’s major interests, each arrangement must be meticulous, highly responsible. Finally, in the East Asia Summit, the South China Sea in the field of no one mentioned the South China Sea arbitration". A fierce confrontation may be staged by the Chinese Premier’s’ Li ” benefit ‘concept to resolve the invisible. Foreign media reported that China has won a major diplomatic victory in the South China Sea issue. Intensive Diplomacy: the only way to solve the problem of regional countries firmly in their own hands, in order to maintain peace and stability in the South China sea." The East Asia summit meeting, the leaders of the 18 countries of the seats are respectively arranged, end to end, form a huge circle. Premier Li Keqiang on the right side of the seat, is Russian Prime Minister Medvedev, Australian Prime Minister Turnbull is right again. Before the summit, the two leaders had just met with Prime Minister Li Keqiang. During the tight schedule of the East Asian Cooperation summit meeting, Li Keqiang in the multilateral airtight arrangement, to arrange 5 bilateral meetings, each other, clarify the intensive communication ideas, coordinate positions. September 7th – Japan and South Korea ASEAN (10+3) leaders after the meeting, Li Keqiang met with the Prime Minister of Kampuchea Hong Sen, Malaysia’s prime minister Naguib. September 8th, a moment before the peak of the East Asia, he met with Australian Prime Minister Turnbull and Russian Prime Minister, Medvedev. A sandwich and a cup of coffee, is the prime minister Li Keqiang’s "lunch" in such a compact and efficient "Keqiang rhythm", the prime minister.相关的主题文章: