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"The sparrow" near the end of   Yin Zheng Zhang Ruoyun opponents play war Spy Drama "cited expectations — Anhui Channel – by Yin Zheng starring Li Yifeng sparrow" the ratings continued gains across the board, won 28 provincial TV ratings champion, and must become the annual explosion. Yin Zheng played three sets of cold and cruel Su province affection warm adorable in a body, both sides of the contrast with the audience adorable magic into the pit; as the story reached a climax, Yin is accelerating the blackening than raid "ghost", raging sea of Tangshan (Zhang Ruoyun ornaments), acting hanging open very shocking. Can be a slightly distorted arrogant sinister villain agents create unique charm, for its users show applause, "vicious and innocent, not hate", "little brother was acting to get things! It is reported that the play is scheduled for 21 ending, Yin Zheng will open the bloody child send lunch. A team of enemies in the dark Su Yin is rival to Zhang Ruoyun cited expectations "sparrow" in Jiangsu provinces rebel surrendered, is a dark unruly ambitious agent, an on-line and performance continuously, but not good at officialdom facework and snobbish deeds, offend people against the dark trees. The three Su province become the new post of Tangshan sea to death he narrowly escaped; to dig the ghost "Shudihuang" to ferret out the sea of Tangshan, on the occasion of meritorious service into Bi Zhongliang and Chen deep trap design work not completed. The undercover and Wang Weisan wave a litter bucket, conspiracy and alienation in the role of Yin Zheng is complex and heavy, but a lot of things straightforward personality identity, Jiangsu provinces is also a large number of arrests and the case is an important part of ridicule by fans called "No. 76 only I su team working in earnest". The Tangshan sea is doomed, the prison after the trial, Yin Zheng and Zhang Ruoyun will again face the dark, Jiangsu provinces will disease Johnson how to open the climax of the story plot to abuse, tempt everyone appetite. Three Su Province malicious and adorable very special Yin was covered with a sense of play is very high is the Yin Su provinces played a profound and extreme cold arrogant, can be described as "sparrow" in a big wonderful. He took a look of aggression, deterrence of hate and a murderous full, deep voice and provocative behavior, described the wolf like temperament, it is to steal the spotlight in the starring lineup. Three Su province is a no inner aside in the role of Yin Zheng, and almost all the role of personality and emotion, can arouse the facial muscles and body language to show up, someone would circle the mouth and the zygomatic muscle is Yin in some plot will have convulsions, not imitate, very interesting and his personality; sexy face Li Xiaonan Adam’s apple, and look innocent and adorable stay Chongni, is charmed large girl, her "boys don’t I want you ah, please take my pet team Su god". In addition, I do not hate this extremely cruel and merciless villains, often have unique details of body language. Inadvertently, Liao Fu ear restless fingers with flexible lines doing little tricks, led the action arm make command orders cold and inspiring, he also love to face each other zhichuo key words…… Yin Zheng fine act not only for the tense drama of Polish rendering, to increase the number of the province Su three characters personalized charm, let the audience see him acting worthy. As a new generation of nonprofessional actors in the spy)相关的主题文章: