South Fujian coast to promote the technology of low – voltage shore fishing vessels to bid farewell

Fujian coastal shore power technology promotion low ancient harbor fishing boat farewell "Diesel" – Beijing, Beijing, September 13, Dongshan (Long Min) in the southern fishing port, although fishing has come in, but because the electricity is required, often accompanied by heavy "diesel generator" and rumbling sound. Along with the promotion of low voltage power technology, Fujian coastal fishing boats will bid farewell to the "diesel flavor". State Grid Zhangzhou electric power company 13 days to report, the first shore power technology in Dongshan port of Tongling harbor, installed in Fujian province the first batch of 10 low voltage integrated shore power pile, with electric power supply and distribution network to replace the ship’s own fuel generator power supply. The general manager of China Dongshan County power supply company Wu Ronghui introduction, Dongshan County Fisheries with sustained and rapid economic development, the fishing boat docked at the pier electricity consume large amounts of fuel, resulting in waste gas, particulate matter and noise pollution. Parked in the Tongling Dongshan County pier fishing port Fujian E61799 captain told reporters, with the most direct experience of the shore power, the world is silent. Before using diesel generator, noise exceeds 100 decibels, the ship operation basically can not communicate, be lying to yell or hand gestures in the ear, and now the shore power, without a voice, basically, the air is fresh, choking people faint smoke disappeared." Wu Ronghui said, in accordance with the 30 kW generator fuel consumption per hour rate of 7.8 liters / hour, the price of $5.47 per liter (the same below), diesel power generation cost is $42.7 per hour. The use of shore power supply if it is running at full capacity of 30 kilowatts, according to the current tariff of $0.773 plus a service fee of $0.8, cost about $48. But the actual ship shore use load most of the time in about 2 kilowatts, the actual use of electricity is about 3.2 yuan / hour, preliminary estimates will cost savings over 90%. Data show that only Tongling harbor shore power pile on the line, can achieve an annual power replace 880 thousand kwh, reducing 1 million 370 thousand liters of diesel combustion generated pollution, and can reduce the cost for fishermen to more than 690 yuan. Currently, Fujian is committed to building the country’s first ecological civilization pilot area. Dongshan County is located in the southern coast of Fujian Province, the west coast of the Taiwan Strait, is the sixth largest in Fujian Province, the island of the province of the island, with a total area of 248.34 square kilometers, rich in tourism resources. Low voltage shore power technology is an initiative to boost the construction of Dongshan eco-tourism Island, will also provide the coastal fisheries in Fujian to provide energy saving and environmental protection. (end)相关的主题文章: