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Snape VS, Professor McGonagall, which in reality is more respected by the students? In "Harry Potter", · there are a lot of every hue professors, such as professor Snape love child heart to the extreme, such as Professor McGonagall strict appearance hides her heart. So, in reality, college students will be more respect for what kind of professor? 1 knowledge is rich "knowledge is endless, not only their own familiar areas, but also good at other areas." (24 year old male graduate student) can lead to a large number of topics, the professor mentioned in the class of knowledge is interesting and admirable." (male 23 years old 4) "can write beautiful writing on the blackboard, can take to answer students’ questions. Only with a certain knowledge to answer the questions of students." (sister 20 years old) "experienced, can drive the enthusiasm of students, any topic has its own proposition. This kind of professor can be used on many occasions." (18 year old sister is short, specialist) speaking skills are very important, "interesting to talk about, the content of the class is easy to enter the brain, so that students focus on lectures is the need for some of the skills of the 2." (sister 18 years old), the main points mentioned in class is easy to understand, if there is no such easy to understand the teaching method, it is difficult to understand their own." (sister 20 years old, junior college), fluent speaking, in front of people will not talk to the teacher, the course is not popular." (boys 21 years of age) – regardless of the importance of any position in the humanities, "in order to allow students to understand and easy to teach, this hope can cause students to resonate with the great minds of the 3." (sister 21 years old, junior college) to respond to student counseling. There is no teacher in the University, but the students have difficulties to find a professor to ask questions or discuss things, it is very rare." (22 years old). Treat any things not anxious, no matter how boring questions can answer the professor is very respectful." (20 year old sister is short, specialist), in addition to the class, will be in other places will spend their time, there is trouble when you can find a professor." (sister 20 years old) there are some things that need to be strict with the students, "the students can reprimand the students, which is responsible for the performance of the students", "4."." (sister 19 years old), requiring students to strictly abide by the deadline and the number of days of attendance, which is beneficial to us out of society." (19 year old woman 2) "will not spoil the students, everyone is equal, not in favour of things." (sister 19 years old), even if the relationship between teachers and students to be intimate, sometimes reprimanded students, give people a sense of trust." (sister 19 years old), the leader of the temperament of the person is very impressive, "have a sense of humor, even the bald head will make people feel good," said." (19 year old woman 2) "is not only in the professional field, in general areas also have its attractions. In the field of professional talent gathered around, so it is not surprising to be unique in the field of expertise." (sister 19 years old) "has excellent theoretical thinking, can be accepted." (sister 19 years old) "smart, a question can have.相关的主题文章: