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Mobil-.puting If you are into mini gadgets but with huge features, then you must for the new iPod Shuffle. This new portable music player as created a record as the worlds smallest music player at 1.8 inches tall and 0.3 inches thin. Unlike the previous version, the smallest iPod shuffle provides you with total .fort with its easy-access controls that is located at the right ear bud cord allowing its users to access the controls quickly. Despite of its small size, the iPod shuffle has the ability to carry up to one thousand songs. Meaning, you can enjoy hours and hours of music from your multiple playlist in just one single portable music player because the new Apple iPod shuffle has 4 gigabytes of storage capacity. Fashion minded people will never get disappointed with the look of the new iPod Shuffle because its signature clip is now forged in stainless steel allowing young and hip individual to attach the player on their shirt, jacket, workout gear, backpack and more securely. In addition, it also has an anodized aluminum case available in black or silver. If you want your iPod Shuffle to be unique, you can also enjoy its space for personalized engraving. After being informed with the way the ne iPod Shuffle looks, it is now time to wonder about its features. With its very small size, you will surely get amazed of its huge features including the VoiceOver, which is new to iPod Shuffle. Even if your eyes are closed, you will still be able to know what is going on with your iPod shuffle through it VoiceOver feature. With just a single press of a button, the voice over will tell you the song title, artist, play list names and battery status. If you have enjoyed your playlist in you iTunes, then you will definitely enjoy the multiple playlist ability of the iPod Shuffle. You can .fortably create multiple playlist for different purpose like one for your .mute time, gym time, or simply just chilling out. You can also easily synchronize to your playlist and find for the right mix of music even without looking at your player with the help of the voice over. Since the iPod Shuffle is being sold worldwide, there will be a tendency for each user to store songs on their own language. They need not to worry if the voice over will be able to recognize their local songs becuae the voice over has the ability to speak 14 different language. Meaning, even if you will play songs I French, Spanish, or Italian, the voice over will be able to tell your song title and artist precisely. Navigating your iPod Shuffle is very easy with its switchs three different positions. If you want your music to play in a shuffle order, simply flip it to the left. If you want it to play in order, simply flip it to the middle or flip to the right if you want your new small iPod Shuffle turned off. About the Author: The author is an avid follower of various gadgets blog and mobile reviews and wanted it to share with you. Just like you, the author is also a lover of gadgets and spent more of his time browsing from website to website looking for the best gadget to feature and introduce it to the wide range of readers he has. Doing gadgets review and a lover of gadget for long, the author already knew what every potential buyer would want in their gadgets. Feel free to browse on his articles and you will get informative articles about gadgets from him. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: