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Shenzhen robot also hurt, but rest assured that this robot can not "force awakening" – the "western world" technology Sohu? It’s early. We all know that the famous "three laws of robotics", the first is "robots can not harm humans", but there seems to have broken the rules of the robot. Several media reports: this morning, the eighteenth session held in Shenzhen China international hi tech Fair (fair), a machine called a chubby robot sudden failure, by smashing glass booth without instructions, resulting in some booth damage, even more serious is that the robot is still injured passers-by, leaked online pictures show, the wounded were stretchers. It is understood that the robot is composed of Beijing evolution Robot Technology Co Ltd R & D, a home and commercial version of the two versions, the family version of the target population is 4-12 years old children. The evolution of the robotic company’s official website shows, chubby robot is "equal to anything". First of all, the chubby robot has the function of education, it built a primary school teacher training courses, encyclopedias, fairy tales and fables, English reading education. In addition, because the built-in projector and somatosensory device, it can also be used to watch movies and play games; robot voice interactive function is standard, of course there is little. The chubby face of the robot is a display, it can also be used to make video calls. According to reports, the user can also through the chubby camera, using a mobile phone app remote viewing of the home situation. By the way, it can even act as an air purifier. But the function more rely on the stack of software and hardware, and can not show the fat is an intelligent robot, it really is characteristic of AI function: according to its official website, the chubby robot will tell their mood according to the user’s voice; in addition, with a strong soft, fat can map self built home. According to voice commands, avoid obstacles; and when the power is less than 10%, the robot voice prompts the lack of electricity, and then back to the automatic charging. From other media reports of suspected and witnessed the scene audience’s circle of friends, it is likely that AI module is the problem of the chubby robot. A reasonable guess is that the robot can not recognize the obstacles (glass), straight forward down the glass, resulting in injured pedestrians. As for the report appeared in the self hit booth glass, whether it is from the scene or the evolution of the official website of the evolution of the robot’s view, I can not imagine how the robot did not hit the hand. The three laws of robotics is the science fiction writer Asimov for the future of artificial intelligence to set the "rules", now, artificial intelligence is still in a very early stage, although the cause of the incident has not come out, but there are people from the scene, reminiscent of the recent hit "western world" in the awakening of the robot, is unfounded. Of course, to have the independent function of the robot, how to prevent the accidental injury of human beings, is a very worthy of discussion. PingWest products play this afternoon to call Beijing.相关的主题文章: