Shaoxing 60 year old woman riding a cable car anti-theft system for electric vehicle positioning to

Shaoxing 60 year old woman riding a cable car anti-theft system for electric vehicle positioning back lost 60 year old mother accidentally lost the electric bike, Ms. Shao Shao Lian village of Shaoxing town of Shangyu Lihai an anxious. Because of the recent cold wave, the temperature dropped, worried mother accident in cold weather, Ms. Shao to start the whole family and neighbors together to find, but always see traces of mother. The early morning of November 23rd, Ms. Shao and her husband, Uncle Li Hai rushed to the police station duty room, requested the police to help find his mother. "People are still at noon, the back has disappeared, and now the night is so cold, I’m afraid there will be an unexpected mother suffer hunger and cold." Ms. Shao anxious mood. The old man go out do not know how to go home? Police on duty Jin Xudong some doubts. MS Shaw, his mother suffers from mental disease because of intermittent, once out halfway disease, cannot find the way home now in the morning, very cold outside, if missing elderly thin clothes physical strength, the consequences will be unbearable to contemplate. Jin Xudong immediately call up the surveillance information near the village of Lian Shao, found the day before 2 noon, aunt Lee riding the electric car after the elderly activity room in the village gate, then she rode back. The conversation, Ms. Shao, his mother ran away when riding a battery car, but the car has recently done anti-theft record in the police station. Jin Xudong eyes: why not through the electric vehicle walking trajectory positioning? According to Jin Xudong, Ms. Shao reported the name, enter the system through inquiry, he found the last electric vehicle positioning, mobile is the day before five pm, located in Hai town two crossing a road near the village of Tong expressway. "Before the car has been moving, every few minutes will become a landmark, but to the side of the highway stopped." Jin Xudong worried that the car stopped, there are two possibilities: one is the car battery is dead, two is a car accident car. After mastering the key location information, and Jin Xudong immediately drove to the location of the last place team, when the sky under a light rain, it was dark outside, Jin Xudong also emergency contact police, please help confirm the last day in the two crossing near the village of road traffic accident happened. The police get a negative answer, Jin Xudong heart suddenly settled many. Sure aunt Lee car is no electricity stopped at the scene, he will soon the news to tell Ms. shao. "Aunt must go to the nearby villagers home charging, do not worry too much." To determine the approximate range of aunt Lee, Ms. Shao relieved many, she hurried and took his family to go to the nearby farmhouse to ask, hard work pays off, Ms. Shao and the police have finally found the missing has nearly 12 hours of aunt lee. Fortunately, aunt Lee was the shelter, the body without problems. Electric vehicle anti-theft system play an unexpected role, the police are also overjoyed.

绍兴60岁老太骑电瓶车走失 电动车防盗系统定位找回   60岁的母亲不慎骑电瓶车走失,绍兴上虞沥海镇联邵村的邵女士一家心急如焚。因为最近寒潮过境,气温骤降,担心母亲在冷雨天气遭遇意外,邵女士发动全家人和邻居一起寻找,却始终不见母亲的踪影。   11月23日凌晨,邵女士和老公、叔叔一起赶到沥海派出所值班室,请求民警帮忙寻找自己的母亲。“中午人还在的,后面就一直不见踪影,现在深夜这么冷,我担心妈妈饥寒交迫,会出现意外。”邵女士语气焦急。   老人外出怎么不知道回家?值班民警金旭东有些疑惑。邵女士介绍,自己的妈妈因为患有精神间歇病,一旦外出中途发病,就无法找到回家的路   此时已经到了凌晨,外面天寒地冻,如果失踪的老人衣衫单薄体力不济,后果将不堪设想。金旭东马上调出联邵村附近的监控信息,发现在前一天中午2点左右,李大妈骑着电动车经过村里的老年活动室门口,此后却不见她骑车返回。   言谈间,邵女士介绍,母亲出走时骑着一辆电瓶车,而这辆车子最近才在派出所做过防盗备案。金旭东眼睛一亮:为何不通过电动车的行走轨迹进行定位?   金旭东根据邵女士报出的名字,进入系统查询,他通过定位发现,电动车最后一次移动是在前一天晚上五点多,位置在沥海镇二渡村高速公路附近的一条塘路上。   “之前车子一直在动,每隔几分钟就会变一次地标,但是到了高速公路旁就停下来了。”金旭东有些担心,车子停下来有两种可能:一是电瓶车没电了,二是车子发生了车祸。   掌握了关键地点信息之后,金旭东和队员马上开车前往最后的定位地点,当时天空下着小雨,外面一片漆黑,金旭东还紧急联系交警,请他们帮忙确定一下,最近一天内二渡村附近的路段是否发生过交通事故。得到交警否定的回答后,金旭东的心顿时安定了许多。可以确定李大妈的车子是没电后停在了现场,他很快将这一消息告诉邵女士。“大妈肯定是去附近的村民家里充电了,不用太担心。”   确定了李大妈的大致范围,邵女士宽心许多,她赶忙带着家人一起去附近的农家询问,功夫不负有心人,邵女士和民警们终于找到了已经失踪近12个小时的李大妈。   幸运的是,李大妈被村民收留,身体无碍。电动车防盗系统发挥了意想不到的作用,民警对此也是喜出望外。相关的主题文章: