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Reuters: China on iPhone 7 Internet users seemed less enthusiastic lead: Reuters today wrote that although Apple will soon release a new mobile phone iPhone 7, but this does not seem to Chinese users enthusiasm, amount of discussion on the network is much less than the iPhone 6 release status. Analysts even predict iPhone sales in China will fall by 20% in the second half of this year. The following is the full text of the article: Although Apple Corp is expected to release this week, the new iPhone phone, but the amount of online discussion is not as good as the past. Respondents on the street said they were more likely to "wait" for the latest models". Popular in the Chinese Sina micro-blog website data show that the Apple Corp in 2014 released iPhone 6 to the larger screen attracted the attention of many, the number of discussion posts is 15 times this year iPhone month. Users of the iPhone no longer expect, highlighting the apple in the Chinese face how to stage a comeback challenge. China’s economic slowdown is stepping on the brakes on the high-tech company that touted the world’s second biggest economy as the next engine of growth. According to IDC statistics, from April to June, apple Chinese area sales fell by 1/3, (although more than doubled over the same period last year), income than in the first quarter fell more than $8 billion 800 million, accounting for about 1/5 of total sales. The company ranked fifth in China with a market share of 7.8%, behind the local suppliers of HUAWEI, Oppo and Vivo, the total of the total share of the 47% of the three. Following the March this year, the government issued strict restrictions on online, the California based company closed in Chinese iBooks and movie online store, become the losing party here in intellectual property disputes. 23 year old Beijing student Wang Yue (Wang Yue), said he was not eager to buy a iPhone7 phone." I’m looking forward to its release, but it’s not going to be a rush to buy anything, "Wang said, using the iPhone 6S that was launched last year." I want to know what’s new. My feeling is that it doesn’t really make a big difference with 6S, so I think I’ll put off for a while." The public is widely expected that Apple will launch a new iPhone7 in an event in San Francisco on Wednesday. The company did not provide iPhone mobile phone sales data, did not respond to requests for comment. In the Reuters interviewed several consumers, most people said they would look at the function of the new phone, or wait for prices to fall. Only one person is going to buy the latest models. "Consumers in rumors, this product update is not revolutionary, just some minor changes," this card? Wendell (Ben Cavender) said that as Chinese Market Research Group, Shanghai based director, he will Chinese the current consumer interest described as "silent". Wait for iPhone 8 compared to other questions相关的主题文章: