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Food-and-Drink Gurgaon is one of the most important .mercial hubs in the country characterized by high rise buildings, speeding autobahns and an army of workers with a million aspirations in their heart. It is an eclectic mix of many individuals, .ing from different parts of the country and exhibiting different lifestyles and preferences. For this teeming population, eating out is both a necessity and an opportunity to socialize and make friends. Restaurants in Gurgaon recognized that there was a huge demand for eating joints where people could sit down and enjoy a good meal. Fox is one such restaurant that offers an eclectic mix of cuisines including Continental, Oriental, Mughlai, Italian, Mexican, and Lebanese and so on. The food is served in a luxurious setting, which includes an art gallery for the discerning and an amphitheatre for live performances. For the adherents of Bacchus, there is a stock of well preserved wines and spirits, perfect for a night full of celebrations and partying. One of the main features of this restaurant is its ambience, characterized by fluidity in style and plenty of space: The restaurant can seat 100 people easily. The restaurant is located at the heart of the city and is easily accessible. The centre stage of the restaurant is dominated by a humungous bar stocking some of best know spirits. The design is quintessentially Viren Wakloo where an idea of fluidity is created by glass walls, flickering lights playing on walls and the subtle use of textures and varied colors. The food at Fox celebrates life in all its colors: Luscious Zurich Chicken and Lamb Burgundy; Indonesian Chicken Adobo; decadent dark chocolate and sweetness of Shahi Tukda. The chef considers cooking as a liberating experience; which involves dissolving boundaries between different cuisines and creating a symphony of colors and textures. The Khaaja Chowk, owned by Vikram Nair, is considered to be one of the hottest restaurant scenes in Gurgaon. This Gurgaon restaurant offers sumptuous fare consisting of yummy .bo meals, chaats and other savories. The chaats definitely deserve a mention: mouth watering palak patta chaats; Calcutta Style Dahi Golgappas and more. The ambience is an explosion of colors, hand held mirrors, and cheesy posters; creating a perfect setting for visitors to enjoy and socialize. Khaaja Chowk has been influenced by daily activities and showcases everyday scenes in myriad colors. The attractions include rickshaw cart converted into a dining table for four people; creating street like atmosphere, with all its chaos and disharmony. The food is essentially street food served in a unique ambience making it a memorable experience for the visitors. The Besan Ke Nimbu- a delectable dish made of gram flour and served with curry-is worth a mention as it carries the flavors of distant Rajasthan. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: