Punjab News A Detailed Overview-w-inds.

News-and-Society As per the Latest Punjab News in the recent headlines, the Dera Sacha Sauda, a religious organization is being propped up by the congress government and has created lots of problems for the ruling party, the Dal khalsa. A white paper released by the organization stated that the violence in Haryana was instigated by the Dera sacha Sauda in which 12 people were injured. Congress which is in opposition in Punjab has been trying with Dera sacha Sauda to increase the vote percentage. The party has .plained that the leader of the organization has been provided the Z security by the central government which is adding to the woes of the ruling party. The forest minister of the current Punjab government has ordered the change of the beat system in the forest which has been prevalent since the colonial times. The re organization of the panchayats at the village level would provide the best results to the users. Apart from above, the green drive by the environmental minister would increase the growth of the forest, plants and the trees. In the area of Tilhan in the Jalandhar district, the shahid Nihal Singh Gurudwara provides amazing opportunity of prayers to the people who want to seek visa for migrating to other countries. Some call it superstition, but it is said that if individuals offer prayers along with the toy planes then can get visa to fly to other countries. Manager of the shrine is perplexed about the belief and is still in the dark on how the whole process started. The central information ministry according to the Today Punjab News has alleged that Badal government is misappropriating funds. Recently Rs 50 crore were sanctioned to clean up the famous Buddah nala but the project has not started and the money is now where to be seen. About the impending Lok Sabha poll, Manish Tiwari has contended that Congress is going to fare better as .pared to the ruling party of Punjab. The new railway minister Pawan Kumar bansal would work in tandem with Manish Tiwari to develop the cities of Chandigarh and Ludhiana. Sanja Morcha formed by manpreet sing badal who is nephew of the Chief Minister Prakash sing badal has alleged that the Akali dal has failed on all fronts and has led to the economic down turn in the state. The BJP Akali coalition has failed to live up to the people expectations and the .ing elections they will perform poorly, he claimed confidently. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: