Pump close high-voltage lines caused by the outage of the driver was arrested 10 days misao

Pump "close" high-voltage lines caused by the outage of the driver was arrested 10 days of newspaper news (reporter correspondent Liang Shuang Wu Jiasheng) 20 year old guy night operation of cement pump truck, ignoring safety distance, the cement truck rotating arm caused 110 thousand volt high-voltage wire electric discharge, leading to Tazihu around 17 hours of blackout. Yesterday, the guy was Wuhan police administrative detention for 10 days. Xu is now working in a logistics company in Wuhan, engaged in cement truck operation for one year. November 11th around 21, Xu, according to the company’s arrangements, to the construction of the tower of the lake, the company’s K1 project poured concrete. Xu saw a high pressure tower next to the pump, but because it was too dark to see the high voltage line, but did not carefully check the high-voltage line from the rotating arm is only 3 meters away. Xu had been trained before the strict training, familiar with the relevant requirements of the operation of the pump under the high voltage line, the safety distance of the rotating arm and 110 thousand volts high voltage line shall not be less than 5 meters, otherwise it will easily lead to high voltage discharge. For rush deadlines, Xu night operation of cement pump truck, between pump and high pressure rotary arm line distance is far less than the safe distance under the condition of continuous work for nearly 1 hours, until 9:40 a loud noise, caused by discharge. The high-voltage wire breaks down on the ground. Fortunately, Xu sat in the cab with insulation protection function, there is no other person nearby, causing no casualties. After the incident, the electricity sector to the Municipal Public Security Bureau police security detachment, Xu admitted to the police because of the neglect of safety distance, resulting in high voltage wire breakage fault outage of external damage. According to the People’s Republic of China Public Security Administration Punishment Law thirty-third, Xu damaged by external power facilities, administrative detention for 10 days. According to the relevant person in charge of the internal security detachment, which is the first case in Wuhan due to improper operation of cement pump operation caused by high-voltage wire discharge damage case, Xu is the first person to be detained in Wuhan for such cases.相关的主题文章: