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Postpartum mom why sashourenhuan treasure? Answer people very sad – Sohu filed maternal postpartum hemorrhage, people will first think this is the normal TV drama in the plot, as if to climb the peak ratings, the classic drama love come up with something big. I believe everyone of these plots have been surprised! "The Legend of Zhen Huan" in Shen meizhuang Temple heard Wen imperial news from the palace, greatly stimulated, led to massive hemorrhage and died after birth to a daughter. "Red Sorghum" in nine, when the birth suffered bleeding, but fortunately nine children bite through the gate, the twins did not lose the mother infant. Known as the "China youth rescue work" "in July and she", one of the main female forest in July also suffered serious postpartum hemorrhage, once in the sun with a smile girl never left her friends alone. In fact, the postpartum hemorrhage is not the exclusive television drama, but the real presence in our lives: when Li Xiaolu had a sweet Xin suffered postpartum hemorrhage; Jiangxi one year old pregnant mother with postpartum hemorrhage, the hospital called O type blood brother big personnel; a student in after the birth of a second child also suffered postpartum hemorrhage, regret the death. Many bloody facts tell us: children like as a way to break the gate of hell, Daguai upgrade is not enough, the most terrible is the way of postpartum hemorrhage. But you know, after I made the bleeding is the first cause of maternal death. Postpartum hemorrhage is a ghost? Postpartum hemorrhage is a pregnant mother in the delivery of the baby within 24 hours of birth pregnant mother blood loss more than 500ml, cesarean section pregnant mother blood loss more than 1000ml. Postpartum hemorrhage is a serious complication. The causes of postpartum hemorrhage, 1 uterine atony is the most common cause of postpartum hemorrhage, and the main causes of maternal uterine atony is mental stress during childbirth; birth process is too long to make women physically exhausted; placenta, disease of hypertension in pregnancy; Uterine Diseases; parturient after excessive sedation and anesthetic or inhibitors of uterine contraction. 2, placenta retention, placenta implantation and placenta remnants may also cause postpartum hemorrhage. In October, the small class of L in the placenta is the retention of the placenta after the baby is born in the maternal uterus for more than 30 minutes after the time has not been removed. L placenta implantation is defined as the tight junction of the placental villi of the pregnant woman to the myometrium. Part of the residual placenta l refers to the maternal part of the placenta, the placenta or part of the fetal membranes remain in the uterine cavity, which affects the contraction of the uterus and bleeding. And because of the use of forceps delivery, acute, fetal macrosomia (newborn baby weight greater than or equal to 4000g), soft tissue elasticity difference caused by the soft birth canal laceration can cause pregnant mother postpartum hemorrhage. 4, pregnant mother’s own coagulation disorders, can also lead to postpartum bleeding, such as suffering from severe hepatitis or blood system diseases. How to deal with postpartum hemorrhage? Step1: find out the cause of bleeding Step2,!相关的主题文章: