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Internet-Marketing The first thing that people see when they are looking to your emails is your name or .pany name. What perception is attached to your name? Do people see you as a trusted advisor or just another email marketer? This is pivotally important for your opt in marketing campaigns. Remember, that perception is 90% of the battle, and it’s entirely possible to quickly have your name or .pany name associated with value. You do this by building up a consistent messaging that’s loaded with value, helpful advice, and that you can be seen as an impartial authority within your niche. Always make sure your audience is feeling INVOLVED in the process. Make sure you’re asking and polling them on a regular basis, and providing small rewards for them participating, so they feel engaged in the process. How can you see what’s hot and what people are going to be responsive to? For example, go to the top forums in your niche and see what topics are hot (those with most responses and .ments). Take a list of the top 5 hot topics and then focus some content and offers on them. In the Internet marketing niche, that can be the Warrior Forum, or say Prevention.. within health and wellness. There are usually five or so such hot topics during each month or two that are in the forefront of people’s mind. Just remember, that for the long term success of your business and to really help people, remember to promote things that WORK as well as are hot. You need both, to maintain a great relationship with your audience, because buying is always based on trust. Incorporate stories, both your personal story and experience with stumbling upon the product or service you’re re.mending to your audience. Stories do indeed sell, and when you convey a small narrative experience which relates into the value you discovered, it will be a hit. This sort of .munication is highly relateable. Create random subject lines that create curiosity. Now remember NOT to put false or misleading subject lines: eg re: Acct, this sort of thing. That’s unethical and just dishonest. What you can do is to put subject lines which are creative and lead to fulfillment on the other side. Remember to always incorporate scarcity and time limits and justify it with good solid reasons. Don’t just say that it’s offered for half price for 24 hours. Say why. Eg: it’s a pre-release to collect testimonials, etc. As long as you have a good reason to justify your scarcity, this will be a great technique to help them avoid the pain of missing out on something valuable which really could solve their problems.So remember, .municate at all times with your audience in mind and ensure that you are relating to them emotionally and helping them justify it logically. This will ensure high response rates are high and that the action you encourage is taken a profitable percentage of the time! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: