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Religion Object A large mirror and a small mirror Questions (Pass around the small mirror for kids too look at themselves in it while asking a few questions) Q: How many of you like to see yourselves in a mirror? Q. How many of you would like to see God? A: Lots of people want to see God. It is sometimes difficult to believe in someone you cannot see. Discussion One of Jesus’ followers also found it difficult to believe something he could not see. In John 14:8, Philip said to Jesus: ‘Show us the Father, that is all we need.’ Jesus’ replied: ‘Whoever has seen me has seen the Father’ (Jn 14:9). Application (Turn your back on the children and look in the mirror. Turn the mirror so that everyone is able to see your reflection.) Just like you can see me in this mirror we can See God’s reflection in Jesus. When we look at Jesus we see God. Jesus was God’s perfect reflection. If we want to see God clearly, we should read all about Jesus to get a .plete picture. Variations Ways to make this option more active: * Have children write thier names while looking into the mirror. * Print some things backwards (e.g. the scripture verse) that children must use a mirror to read. * Have children use the mirror to shine light around different areas of the room. (Jesus is the light of the world)  * Have kids list things they do with mirrors * Have two images that are mirror reflections of each other but with changes. Children must identify the differences in the two images. (Spot the Differences) * Make several lines across the floor using tape, chalk or floor tiles equal in number to the number of teams. Obtain a car side mirror or makeup mirror. Children must hold the mirror above their heads, and then look up at the mirror positioning it in a way that shows the floor. If they look down they will be disqualified. While looking up at the mirror so that it reflects the floor, kids must walk the line to the end of the room then return. If they miss stepping on the line they must return to the start. Using a stop watch, time the team in getting all members to walk the line (relay style) Team with the quickest time wins. About the Author: Ken has been actively involved in youth ministry for almost 20 years and has been writing youth materials since 1988. He has written for numerous Youth weekends and summer camps around the world. He also does training workshops for youth leaders and teachers in Asia and is re.mended by others for his creativity and for his passion in mentoring youth. Click here for more Object Lesson Article Published On: By: KenSapp – The Superbowl is just around the corner. Use this game with youth as an introduction to the idea of the game of football as a metaphor for living the victorious Christian life. By: KenSapp – Popcorn is a seed that is hard and tasteless, until placed in the fire. And then the white goodness on the inside .es out for us to not only smell the aroma, but also to taste. Its a powerful object lesson and metaphor for Chri … By: KenSapp – "Thanksgiving is an American Holiday when people .e together, treasure the relationships with those close to them, and thank God for his blessings over the past year. While the New Year celebrates new opportunities and a chance to … By: david grow – Everyone talks about the name of God. But can the name of God be pronounced by mouth? No. It is the Word which is indivisible, eternal and vibrates within the life force. By: david grow – We know from history that the culture of India is both ancient and eternal. The meaning of eternal is that which has no end. All our religious festivals give the same message: Understand the value of your life! Ganga Dasseh … By: david grow – Once emperor Akbar said to Birbal, It is very strange that your Great Divine Personalities whom you worship, .e running to protect their devotees themselves. Why do they do not send their messengers, an angel? By: Denny Smith – Does sin even exist? In the America of today, a postmodern, secular society that some are calling post-Christian, where the very idea of God and Christianity are being called into question one cannot help but wonder what then be. … By: david grow – Our saints said that the root cause of misery is the mind. Through the mind alone, our desires go on multiplying and there is no end of desires. Once there was a saint. By: david grow – Our great Divine Masters united society by imparting the experience of Spiritual Knowledge. They tried to eradicate all strife and feelings of division. Their aim was not to fracture society, rather to unite it. By: david grow – When Arjuna be.es despondent in the battlefield of Kurukshetra during the Mahabharata War, he puts his bow down well before the .mencement of the battle and refuses to fight. Then Lord Shri Krishna resolves his doubts and impart … 相关的主题文章: