Ningbo, a family of nine were trapped in the flood the room was rescued after the collapse of the ro jslottery

Ningbo, a family of nine were trapped in the flood the room was rescued after the collapse of the roof yesterday afternoon, a mobile phone shot rescue video crazy pass in the circle of friends: the depth of nearly one, on the opposite side of the cottage in adults and children trapped, firefighters and police station scene materials, use of rescue rope and the two plastic pipes and put up the life channel. Involved in the rescue of Ningbo Ninghai town police station deputy director Zhang Gaoliang told reporters at the scene of the reduction: 15, 23:50, Ninghai 110 command center received the alarm call, said Xi Dian Zhen Zhu Jia Development Zone residential water is serious, a family of nine people trapped in the room." He told reporters, when the rain was very large, he was preparing to go to the place to take flashlights and life jackets, etc., rushed to camphor village on duty anti taiwan. When asked about the situation, rushed to the scene with colleagues. "There are two kilometers from the incident, traffic encountered obstacles." Zhang Gaoliang said that the police car because the barrier bar limit height can not go forward, you can only get off the foot. After arriving, it was found that the scene was black, and the cry of the child came from the opposite side of the water. Zhang Gaoliang said, desperate to find a bamboo pole, but not around, but fortunately found two 7 meters long plastic pipes. He first explored the depth of the water, and found that the water below was very urgent, and the people were unstable at all. Zhang Gaoliang and his colleagues managed to put the pipe in the water pole. In this way, with the pole as the supporting point, the rescue can be ensured not to be washed away by the current. In the video of the rescue scene, the child’s crying is worrying, and the water level is getting higher and higher. Rescue workers only in the rope tow, slowly walk into the room, the implementation of the rescue. The water was too high to go out at all." Rescued Lee recalled. A year old child was the first to be rescued, Zhang highlighted the child riding on his shoulder, when the water had spread to his neck, very dangerous. The child was still crying because of fear. Under the close coordination of firefighters and police, 9 people were eventually rescued. Zhang Gaoliang is scared, just after the rescue, they heard the sound of the roof collapsed. "If a few minutes later, the consequences will be unimaginable."."

宁波一家九口被大水困在房内 刚被救出屋顶塌了昨天下午,一段手机拍摄的救援视频在朋友圈疯传:现场的水深近一人高,对面的平房内有大人和孩子被困,消防人员和派出所民警现场取材,利用救援绳索以及两根塑料水管搭起了生命通道。参与救援的宁波宁海西店镇派出所副所长张高亮向记者还原了当时的情景:“15日23:50,宁海县110指挥中心接到报警电话,称西店镇竺家开发区有民居进水严重,一家九口人被困房内。”他告诉记者,当时雨量很大,自己正准备到所里拿手电和救生衣等,赶往樟树村值守抗台。问清情况后,赶紧与同事赶往现场。“距离事发地还有两公里,通行遇到了阻碍。”张高亮介绍说,警车因路障杆限高无法往前开了,大家只能下车步行。到达后发现现场一片漆黑,积水的对面传来了孩子的哭声。张高亮说情急之下本想找一根竹竿,但周边没有,却很幸运地找到两根7米多长的塑料水管。他先探一下水深,发现下面水流很急,人根本站不稳。张高亮和同事设法把水管搭在了水中电线杆上。这样一来,以电线杆为支撑点,实施救援的同时,能够确保不被水流冲走。在救援现场的视频中,孩子的哭声让人揪心,而水位也越来越高。救援人员只能在绳子的牵引下,慢慢移步进入房内,实施救援。“水位太高了,当时根本出不去了。”被救的李女士回忆说。一岁多的孩子是第一个被救出的,张高亮让孩子骑在肩膀上,当时水已经漫到他脖子了,非常危险。孩子也因为害怕,一直挣扎啼哭。在消防队员和民警的紧密配合下,最终被困的9人全部获救。让张高亮后怕的是,救援刚刚结束,就听到了屋顶坍塌的声音。“如果晚几分钟,后果不堪设想。”相关的主题文章: