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National Day travel attention! Hidden in the 5A area of the routine exposure – Sohu news is the National Day holiday, travel has become a lot of people choose. But now a lot of 4A, 5A level scenic spots often happen some tourists suck thing. Anhui Mount Jiuhua is a 5A class tourist attractions, there are a lot of tourists, Mount Jiuhua will encounter many tourist traps. Posing as staff hailed lead burn incense at high prices "Mount Jiuhua reporter search scam on the Internet, in the search results, many people have mentioned, as long as the open field license of the car to the Mount Jiuhua scenic area, often will be stopped, and want to take a ride, but once the good heart with him, the other will flicker, with you go to burn incense at high prices. In the end there is no such thing? September 16th, the reporter took a foreign license to Mount Jiuhua scenic spot. Just under the high speed not long ago, a white car on the car to reporters to sit close to the car, and motioned to reporters stop. A woman claiming to be surnamed Wang, said she was Mount Jiuhua scenic staff, would like to take a ride. The woman said that he was going to be late, I hope reporters can be kind to help. Reporters agreed to let her get on the bus. After the car, the woman is very enthusiastic, kept to reporters about the situation in Mount Jiuhua, and asked reporters whether to go to the mountains to burn incense. In the conversation, the woman has repeatedly stressed, do not buy the incense, especially the temple incense, absolutely not to. Ms. Wang: Hill (fragrance) price is a bottomless pit, we call a bottomless pit, called blind (price). Reporter: what is the price? Ms. Wang: would you please in the temple (incense), is three hundred, six hundred, three thousand, six thousand, nine hundred and ten boxes, nine thousand and one hundred boxes, thirty thousand boxes, sixty thousand, ninety-one thousand. Do you want on the outside (mountain) please (incense) words, about eighty or ninety yuan a box, there are more than 100 boxes. You have the economic ability, then please (out) a better quality of incense to buddha. Because the human breath, let the Buddha incense. Subsequently, the woman began to recommend all kinds of sweet shop along the way, and that she can help reporters, so that the fragrance is not only good quality, the price is cheap. In this woman’s highly recommended, the reporter stopped halfway to a nearby incense shop. Incense shop owner: This is the incense, Buddha Ksitigarbha named kim. Reporter: how much money a box ah? Incense shop owner: This is a box of 39, 39, 49, 59, 69, 99. Shop owner introduced, in accordance with the custom, to Mount Jiuhua to buy at least nine boxes of incense, buy them here, if it is a little ordinary, the box of incense about a few hundred dollars, a little better, it is necessary to one thousand dollars. Reporters said that temporarily do not want to buy, would like to look up the mountain and then decide. So the woman followed the reporter on the car, and enthusiastically said, go to the scenic area she can show us the way. The strange thing is, after a fork in the road, although the road traffic signs that Mount Jiuhua scenic area should go to the left, but this woman has brought us to a path on the right. Walked for a few minutes, the woman with a reporter went to a temple under the mountain. This name.相关的主题文章: