Mother network 12 anniversary of the mother of thousands of words to understand the mother tongue

Mother network 12 anniversary gathering thousands of mother language most understand mother heart pregnancy in October, birth, similar experience, perception is different, every mother has its own story, the one and only. Or happiness, or moved, or joy, or lonely, a section of the story about 1000 phenomena, weaving played an exclusive mother of the world. Mother network recently released "mother’s little secret investigation report" shows that mothers who need such a world, a more understand mother’s platform, we can alleviate the confusion, here to share feelings, learning knowledge. The mother network is taking on this role, accompanied by the mother on the platform with the twelfth years. On the twelve anniversary of the mother network launched the mother understand the series of activities, so that mothers share their own stories, saying "mother" to give the identity of their own joy and responsibility. Mother’s happiness, only a mother can understand many activities in the mother drying out when his mother after the happy moment, whether it is the new second coming of joy, excitement, or lost touch, baby are mothers heart Mi foot precious happiness, because the same experience of pregnancy in October, has experienced the same the advanced stage of life, so that happiness is all mothers common understanding. Mother network user "manimak" share the first ultrasound to see the baby look like, "you look small, big head, sleeping in there, the train through the heart beat like the sound of rumbling thunder, strong and delicate, like a mother to tell me, and I grew up". This powerful and subtle, only experienced the pregnancy in October mother can feel, as only a mother can deeply understand this moment the fetus is what strong shock to her mother, what kind of subtle! Trough point mother, only a mother can understand more than happiness, daily life is also often have a variety of chores and worries, mothers would like in the mother online exchange their care and dissatisfaction, by mutual talk and share out negative energy. Mother net friends "Momo baby 55" mother Tucao, "most of the maternal and child products, chicken ribs treasure dad", condemned while her husband is an important figure in the most indispensable in life, but pregnant husband did not seriously participate and share, is the largest chicken ribs during pregnancy, the mother also received a large number of slot point support. Mother’s mother can understand the bursting point, only in the life of the jokes are not uncommon, but for the mother, the most memorable "bursting point" is from bits of interesting growing baby, such as baby casual children, baby whim learn new play, the creation of the new baby is a powerful and unconstrained style. All mothers can not help but smile, mother of a two mother treasure on the sun out of two adorable children living in the state with pictures, photos of babies, hug each other play, in the mother’s eyes turned "two treasure", very funny tournament. Twelve years, mother network carrying many mother left massive mothers the passions, their life, according to the mother of large data show that nearly 12 years, million mom from more than 400 city 30 countries around the world gathered in. As the mother of the tree hole, mom has accumulated over 10 billion mom online.相关的主题文章: