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Cryopreservation of baby food supplement a few small coup – Sohu like maternal child father and mother love to eat freshly cooked food, but every meal we do seems unrealistic. Therefore, sometimes we need to do a good job in advance or the preparation of the material stored in frozen storage, so there is no time to do when you can eat directly. When fresh food packaging frozen can maximally preserve, can avoid the waste. Each kind of food preservation time is not the same, give the baby the best food is to save 5 ~ 7 days, must be finished within 10 days, if the storage time is too long, do not give the baby to eat. Frozen storage of ingredients, please take advantage of fresh frozen storage, if the food itself is not fresh, do not freeze. [note] when frozen in the use of sealed containers or clip chain bag, food container, special when the ice making box must cover the lid. Only seal can make food better preserved. If a package is frozen directly, it will take a long time to defrost when necessary, and may cause food deterioration. It’s too cold to freeze at once. If you don’t finish it, you’ll have to freeze again. So, when the best frozen and packaged into the pouch, then mark the name and date of production of food. Paste or mashed food or snacks can be stored frozen in a sealed container. (10 days after the end of the food) [thaw] [1 thawing at room temperature is easy to breed bacteria, so it is best to thaw through cooking. 2 frozen thawed words to a long time, so it is best to get a cold night in advance to get back to the cold room. 3 thawing with microwave oven will destroy the nutritional value of food, it is generally not recommended. 4 food stored in a chain bag can be thawed by water. 5, food is finished can heat hydrolysis of frozen dessert. 6 nutritional snacks materials as long as you can directly or slightly thaw fry cooking production. The meat is divided into small packets to freeze. And then wrapped with the film, and then installed in the chain bag. If a block of meat can be put in special box or frozen food stored in the ice making box. Be sure to cover the lid when frozen. Pumpkin, potato, sweet potatoes, mom and dad will use these foods to make baby foods, so always cook a little more, then grind in frozen storage box inside packing. Mom and dad can these foods into a flat shape with a knife to cut the amount of the required amount of each in the frozen, it will become more convenient. When you want to use, just take a piece of it. The best thing to do is to buy potatoes that have a slightly thin skin and a smoother skin. If you find your home potato skin color or green shoots, it is already not fresh potato, it is best not to give the baby food. It is best to buy some fibers less sweet potatoes; when buying pumpkin is best to choose some smooth import pumpkin. Select fresh whole leaf vegetables. Here we introduce some vegetables freezing method: 1 broccoli, cauliflower: first boil hot, take相关的主题文章: