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Magic speed to push the new SUV models magic speed S5 equipped with 1.3T power car car Sohu – Sohu [ ] spy Fox; previously, Beiqi Silver Cheung just create a new speed than the brand, and the latest exposure is Beiqi Silver Cheung flag and a new SUV models magic speed S5. The new car is located in the compact SUV, also can be seen from the name, this is a magic speed between S3 and S6 models. Different from the magic speed S2 and S3 series based on the vehicle chassis to create a front engine rear drive type, magic speed S5 is a city based SUV standard, using pre precursor structure. However, it is more compact and more economical than S6, so it is a torsion beam type independent rear suspension. The size of the wheelbase than 2650mm, magic speed S6 short 50mm, but the S5 body length and breadth of 4460*1820*1685 (with rack 1705mm), than the S6 compact a lot, which is short of the full length 233mm, mainly because of the magic speed S5 design with short front overhang and short rear suspension. The overall style and Lexus NX somewhat similar, of course, only is the spirit only, and there is no direct comparison of the copycat imitation. Mainly is the hourglass type grille contour chrome frame mosaic is relatively close, of course, now this is the magic speed development become your own family Facebook, including magic speed S6, and the new S3L will use a similar design style. All models are standard black bottom shell, projection headlamps and lens lamp group configuration, this design than the reflective lamp group looks more texture. But the low allocation models will dispense with the front fog lamp configuration to reduce costs, with models will further increase the embedded surrounded on the protective plate strip LED daytime running lights arranged in front of black. Low version not only the roof rack, no roof, with the size of the ordinary version to configure the skylight, high version upgrade for panoramic sunroof. The symbol for a turbo powered wing position will have "Turbo" configuration, configuration 16 inch wheels and 205 tire 65R16. The skirt is wheel eyebrow and a large area of black shield surrounds, also can see magic speed S5 has good ground clearance, plus a short front overhang and short rear suspension have the ability through good. The compact SUV positioning of young, sporty, so a short tail box designed to make the magic speed S5 is not dominant in the trunk space. The large size of the trunk lid inner concave trapezoidal profile is a license plate installation area, in addition to taillights combination, rear bumper, a large area of black shield surrounds also integrates many functions including lamp, steering lamp, rear fog lamp, reversing lamp, and the configuration of reflectors. The trunk lid of the word "1.3T" has explained the dynamic configuration of this model, using the F13B Engine Power Technology Co. Ltd. Chongqing Kate production. In fact, is the silver Xiang’s engine plant, will be listed faster than the speed of T3 SUV also uses the power configuration, the maximum power 98kw 5500rpm, the maximum torque 185N • m 1500-4500rpm, but may be early)相关的主题文章: