Lies We Tell And Those We Dont Have

UnCategorized Dating married has its own down sides. "No, baby, I’m single. A bachelor’s life is a king’s life, why would I ever get married?" I lost my ring skillfully to get rid of the white trace on my finger. I added required meeting schedules to my weekly plans. I did everything possible to keep my marriage a secret from her. One day we met a friend of mine and he asked how my wife was. Now she learned that I am married and started to mess things up. Why is it so important for women to have a relationship with an unmarried man? Here is the answer, because they want to get married and they don’t want their future husbands to play around with other women. That is until they get married and stay married for a couple of years. Do you know what happens after a few years of marriage? They want to play around and they understand what you felt when lying to her about being single. But it’s too late. The train left the station. When I’m having an affair I have no choice but lie to my wife. Phone routing, fake recipes, separate credit card and one day I was bored of lying and I decided to eliminate half of the lies I tell. I don’t want to be having to lie to my lover too. One set of lies are kept easier. When the number of the lies and personas increase, to keep everything in mind also harder. Therefore it is best to keep the lies to a minimum. You may start to think having split personalities you may even need psychological assistance from having to tell too many separate lies. Now you may say when they learn that you are married they run like hell. I will answer you with a question. What if they were married too? Wouldn’t it be a match made in heaven? Or should I have said a match of made in hell? If we put the figure of speech aside, to have an affair with a married woman takes away half of the lies you have to tell. Now I tell only half of the lies and all of them to my wife. I tell her I have late night meetings. I tell her I have to go for a business trip and hundreds of stories to keep her happy and content. Dating married can be condemned by the society. When your wife tells you that the husband of her girl friend Emma was having an affair, remember how you condemned the poor man. Innocent until found guilty applies with a small change in these situations: "Innocent until found out!" It is easier to stay innocent if you are not cheating two women at the same time. You have the chance to be honest at least to the "other" woman. When you are having a relation, you build a different world for a real relationship. So have that relationship without lying more than you have to. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: